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Should Native American Caricatures and Names be used as Team Mascots?

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Started: 5/1/2014 Category: Sports
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it is a slap in the face no matter what the intentions are by society who gives the Right to the MAN who can say your a symbol.. NO WE ARE NOT A SYMBOL WE ARE A PEOPLE. It degrades an entire race of people based on their heritage which brings to light the meaning behind Redskins.. it was a reference used to refer to American Indians or Native Americans as a racial slur.. REDSKINS.. Also to refer to the scalps that were taken when there was a bounty on us during the genocide that happened ..the racist caricatures are mocking us ... much like the black face that they wore in the early 19th century to mock African Americans its the same thing..and its a shame that in all the ignorance and cultural sensitivity that MY people have to still deal with this . It promotes people to dress up like Indians wearing sacred items like its a joke... the eagle feathers & the head dress... the paint on the face.. all sacred ... THERES NO RESPECT.


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Reasons for voting decision: This sounded like an interesting topic to debate. Too bad Pro didn't take it seriously.

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