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Should Pakitan be a Secular State?

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Started: 12/31/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Secularism isn't defined as an end to a religion! The founder of Pakistan always visioned the country as a secular state before he passed away. His speech of August 11, 1948 relates to that. If Pakistan can be made a secular state, then the protection of minorities and other sects of Islam is guaranteed. People can practice their faith freely without facing any hatred or false persecution from the justice system. Because of the conservative nature of the country, there's an increase in the number of radicalized Muslims, and the situation's getting worse day by day. The terrorists are making a huge advantage out of it by promoting violence across every state. All the time I'm hearing from the news that there's a terrorist attack launched in schools, buses, hospitals, streets, churches, mosques, houses, etc. Islam has specifically mentioned numerous times that we are supposed to treat our neighbors equally with love and empathy. Even the founder of Pakistan strongly touched on that. I just can't believe that three-fifth of the Muslim population in Pakistan is acting lazy and are standing with a blank mind. Worse of all, Pakistani women are being treated in a very harsh way. Men rape them, and then the sharia court asks them to show their 4 male witnesses. So if 4 male witnesses are not present, then the judge dismisses the case, and now the victims just leave with a devastated look. What kind of nonsense is happening in Pakistan? Every time people die in the name of Islam, and we are seeing a harsh mistreatment of Ahmadiya Muslim sects. The trend is sadly increasing, NOT because of the natural disasters, but because of human factors. These people act like zealots! We need to provide security to the women, minorities, and ban all laws (especially the blasphemy ones) that have been inciting violence for decades. So Secularism should definitely be Pakistan's finest primary goal, for it to advance in its position.


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines secularism as indifference to or rejection or exclusion of religion and religious considerations. It further simplifies secularism as the belief that religion should not play a role in government, education, or other public parts of society. So, just saying what secularism is not, does not serve the purpose of providing the actual information about what in face secularism is. Nobody in their right mind would refer to secularism as the end to religion but secularism does ask the citizens to keep their religion completely outside the matters of policy and civil interests.

The founder of Pakistan aka "The Great Leader", Muhammad Ali Jinnah did not always visioned the country as a secular state. In May 1946, British introduced their plan of a united India and one month later in June provided with another plan that would part the country in two. The congress, the original party of Jinnah accepted the first plan whereas the party of Jinnah, All India Muslim League accepted both. But in August 1946, he announced the direct action plan to achieve independence of Pakistan, a country that will unite the Muslims on the Indian subcontinent. And no doubt that in his speech an year later, he didn't forget to mention that the country, that was created for primarily people of a particular religious affiliation, is secular, somehow? There is a contradiction of interest and the conflict resolves in two ways (it could be more but for the sake of argument let us go for two, you could point out others if you like). The first one is primarily giving you the benefit of doubt, there was some other reason for initiating the process of creating another "secular" state which is not mentioned anywhere somehow. Or the other being that actions speak louder than words and that he never intended it to be secular or to put it mildly, had no idea what secular really means.

If Pakistan can be transformed into an actual secular state, which is indeed a very tough task in itself, even then the protection of minorities and other sects of Islam is not guaranteed. A complete introduction and implementation of the democratic rights to the very core of the country's bureaucratic and federal structure is required along with the need to educate about the responsibilities of a citizen.

Being conservative is not a problem, you can be conservative and still be able to be peaceful and stand up for wrong doings. The first thing that a citizen needs to do it is to stop looking at the situation of its own country and make an excuse about the nature of the country, and call it what it is. There's an increase in the number of radicalized Muslims because the majority is far right, orthodox and holds views that are religiously hurtful and politically incorrect if you need to protect the citizens and have a better economy.

Not only the terrorists but everybody who can take advantage are taking advantage. The first right thing to do is to not derive any form of testaments from religion in a debate of secularity. This is a very dangerous game. And I am going to be thoughtful to not bring Islam or any form of religion in this debate and implement the right things to do in society from secular and democratic means alone. It shouldn't be essential to derive socially rights or wrongs from Islam, that is a defeater in the first place for the whole idea of being a secular nation.

As much as I sympathize with victims and feel the loss of friends and family, along with echoing your feelings about how the people of the citizens of Pakistan. But I do believe that we should focus on the actual point of debate.

At last I would simply say that being secular is not going to do anything since the problem with the citizens of Pakistan is far worse, and what Pakistan needs to do is to raise the standard of civil and moral levels of its culture and also raising the collective consciousness of the Pakistani society if it wants to have its place in the modern world and leave its fixation with being a Muslim country and rather being a country with a majority of Muslim citizens. We could definitely could go on depth about what needs to be done and also what are the problems in the culture and society of Pakistan upon request. But for right now I reject almost all your points that you made in the same chronological order that you made them.
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Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 2 years ago
So stoning and chopping heads off of people you see as a live and let live eh? Have you heard of the recent problems we been having with the Pakistani Taliban, or have you been frozen in time?
Posted by zupermushy 2 years ago
this is extremely interesting but th ebad thing i i agree with you lol
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