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Should Parents use MyCircles

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Started: 8/30/2017 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The MyCircle has ruined my life! My Mom put a 1 hour limit of youtube on all my devices. and so i have to turn the VPN off in order to watch youtube at all! it's so annoying, i want it banned. Also, i dont trust Disney anymore because of this.


How did it ruin your life? It stopped you from watching YouTube? That's one of the worst reasons I've ever heard, no offense. I understand that music can be important and a nice way to relax, so that can be a bummer, but you shouldn"t be upset about it. According to the official site, MyCircle lets you watch Disney videos, blogs, GIFs, it gives you emojis, characters, and more(1). The app lets parents know when their child is using the internet safely and when they are not. For example, if a child were to look up porn hub, instead of getting a virus, they only have dissatisfaction of no "release" It encourages children to look beyond their phone screens and actually do something more productive, like playing a game outside. MyCircle comes with an ad blocker that for the most part does what it is supposed to do(2). Besides, it only affects things connected to the internet. You can watch movies already downloaded to an iPad, or listen to music already downloaded on your Ipod, or read a book on a Kindle. Okay, that is my first round. Please don't flake out, the last debate I was in I had that happen to me.

Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for the early post. This is my first time on this site, so i dont know many rules, but ill be polite.
First off, i HATE disney, and i never use the mycircle app because i dont care about disney anymore( i stopped caring around 8-10, and im 13.)
Also, the thing is, YOUTUBE is my life. I have a channel( only 1 sub though) and because of the mycircle, i cant make videos longer than 1 hour, for obvious reasons.

i cant think of anything else to argue lol.


You contradicted your original argument by saying in the first post that it ruined Disney for you. Now you are saying that you haven't liked it in years. Which one is it? I understand you need YouTube to post videos, but can't you just stream? I forgot to point this out last round, but you say that it "should be banned". What about all the kids out there who do use the internet for its misuse? MyCircle is a way to monitor your child's usage and correct any behavioral problems. I know I said this last round, but it encourages children to go outside. A lot of the child reviews for MyCircle state that they hate the app, but appreciate how it let them go outside and even meet new people in their neighborhood they didn't even know existed. Blah blah blah, your turn.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by toastyspaghetti 2 years ago
If mycircle ruined your life that's really sad boo hoo you couldn't watch youtube. First world problems man
Posted by LogicalPen 2 years ago
Please don't take my arguments personally. I hate the app, I'm just doing this for the debate.
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