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Should Passport Renewal Times Be Shortened?

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Started: 7/4/2016 Category: Society
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Debate: Should passport renewal times be shortened?

Imagine this: You have a relative who lives halfway around the world. Your relative gets sick, and you want to go and visit your relative. But then you realize that your passport is expired! You have to renew it, but the routine service is six weeks long. You wonder if there is a faster service, and there is: the expedite service that takes three weeks. You would have to wait three weeks at least before you could go and visit your relative. How would you feel?

It's true: Many people are traveling by plane every day. In fact, according to an IATA document from 2012 (, it showed that about 700,000 people, including the pilots, were carried at any given moment in 2011.

Passport renewal times can range from three to six weeks. The routine service takes about six weeks while the expedite service takes about three weeks. I understand that the information of the people who want to apply for or renew their passport has to be checked carefully, but with all this modern day technology, shouldn't the process be slightly faster. Personally, I believe that passport renewal time and applications should be shortened by at least one week. Two to five weeks is definitely enough time for a person's information to be checked and it will allow a person to travel in a shortest period of time.
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