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Should People Become Vegetarian

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Started: 3/28/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Many people disagree over the topic of Should People Become Vegetarian as it is controversial issue. My opinion on the issue of Should People Become Vegetarian is that people do not have to become vegetarian. This claim is justified by the fact that raising beef is one of the most efficient way to produce food and access to get protein for humans. This is a good thing, because with the rapidly increasing population, we need as much food as we can provide that also provides us with the nutrition we need. Inevitably, we must agree that not everyone should be vegetarian, because we need to provide everyone food and this is one of the most efficient way.


Many people disagree over the topic of vegetarianism, as it is a very controversial topic. There is little doubt that all people should become vegetarian. This claim is justified by the fact that vegetarianism is much better for the environment. According to, producing one hamburger clears 55 square feet of rainforest. Every year, the U.S. imports thousands of tons of Brazilian beef, most of which was raised on rainforest-cleared land. This is a disaster. As intelligent beings, it is ridiculous that we are clearing rich, biologically diverse lands in order to create more flat, dead land for beef production. Our rainforests are precious and dwindling, and eating should not mean consuming meat abundantly, without thought for the consequences. We have moved on to the age where we are conscious of our effects in the world, the age where our desires aren"t above the needs of our planet. Vegetarianism is a choice that reflects that.
Debate Round No. 1


While my opponent makes some very strong points, that killing animals for food does affect the environment. But according to, being vegetarian does not necessarily help the environment either. It says that in 2003, there was a study done by scientists in Oregon State University, about six animals per acre, that lives in an agricultural crop fields are killed during harvest. Although, it isn"t as much as killing animals for food, if you add this up, that would be a lot of animals killed during harvest for food. So, even if you do not eat meat, because of the pesticides and other chemicals used while growing food, it kills a lot of animals. We definitely should eat less meat to help the environment, but animals also die when we harvest food.


While it may be true that raising beef is more efficient way to produce food, it is not an environmentally friendly choice. Overgrazing livestock is extremely destructive to the surrounding environment. Overgrazing causes soil erosion and harm to native plant and animals. Also, grazing has been listed as a factor of endangerment in the Endangered species act. By refusing to participate in an industry that abuses the earth, one could effectively help in the restoration of U.S. land now being used for beef productions. In my opinion, it is more important to have responsibly produced food than it is to have cheap and fast food.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by GoOrDin 3 years ago
an adulterous animal is subject to condemnation just as a human is. The wolves inherit their privilege.

A bird who loses it's eggs, will lay more. a bird that does not lose it's eggs will only lay one clutch (annually).

Herbivores relentlessly devour good fruit. They do not eat apples. they eat the tree. They destroy gardens, utterly.
These creates are pests.

In addition, I assume vegetarian does not exclude insects from a diet? Locus** with their leaping legs.

I would suggest that come the end of the fasting season (winter) when the spring has yet bloomed and there is no fruit, that Animals are subject to eating. Specifically the males, before the mating season begins.*** Not during the mating season when their hormone levels are exceptionally high, polluting their blood with Hormones which will be detrimental to a human's health.
In effect, leaving the Fasting season for the Sowing and Growing season will leave your crops safer as well.

I believe that, so long as the animals are adulterous, then Man has the right, as do the carnivores to eat them, Under the guise that Mankind is responsible for providing vegetation food for all the carnivores in a utopian state. This will not give them ascended psychologies, and so the animals will be free and liberal despite being domestic, and the Hunt will continue.

an analysis of a Christian Hindu Muslim Mythologists
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