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Should Pokemon Go be Released in Malaysia?

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Started: 8/1/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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It should not be released because for one thing, look around and you will understand. Especially in the United States, crimes are committed, accidents have happened and people have gone crazy just to catch a few animated creatures that has no value or point to do so when you face the music in reality. To keep the country safe, it should not be released at all. Yes there might be APKs and download links but no gps signals skyrocket the chances of it ever being played in this country. To all of you who heard rumors of it coming out in december should just dump it away because coming to reality, is your life more worthless than a simple character collection?


Before I start, I would like to thank you for posting this debate. It's my second one ever on this site, and in the other one I'm engaged in, the pro side still hasn't responded.

Now, I myself live in the United States, not Malaysia, but I hope that this doesn't get in the way. In my country, Pokemon Go has caused some trouble, but it's not like how the media exaggerates it to be. They make it sound like if you play Pokemon Go, you will get run over by cars, fall of cliffs, and discover corpses lying in the hills. That is completely false. Yes, those cases happen, but in numbers that are minuscule when compared to the rest of the population of the U.S. or Malaysia. I have many friends who have Pokemon Go (I personally don't have it), and the worst thing that any of them do is mildly bicker about which team is the best. Pokemon Go is simply trying to expand its popularity and user base by selling it in Malaysia, and if it does indeed come to Malaysia, there will be a big bang at first, but it will slowyly die off with the rest of the Pokemon games, just like it is in the U.S. right now.
Debate Round No. 1


Beforehand, i would like to thank ThisIsMUsername333 for the wonderful and intelligent argument posted by him or her. It was a good round. Now allow me to kickoff the second round by posting an honest opinion based on what he or she said.

1. Ok, Yes the media does exaggerate and the crimes are miniscule when placed on the scale. But, in Malaysia, things such as this do not happen at all. So why start one? Why disrupt the peace of the citizens, yes although its miniscule

2. And to be honest with you, i personally want this game to be released here. Why? Because that is all everyone ever talks about and its gettig really annoying but anyways how much they talk and complain, what they have to understand is that it all comes down to the Malaysian governments' decision whether they want to release it or not


First off, thank you to supportingopp for responding to my first argument. In the other debate I'm in, the other side hasn't responded at all.

Now, you made two different points trying to rebut my argument, both of which seem to be good until you realize that they destroy your own argument.

In your first point, you say that yes, the media exaggerates things that happen in the United States, but things like that never happen in Malaysia. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you saying that there is no such thing as crime or car accidents in Malaysia? Saying that things like that don't happen can be verified as false if you look at the crime rate in Malaysia. Obviously, just like in the United States, there is crime there, and I'm sure other "side-effects" of Pokemon Go occur in Malaysia as well.

Also, you tear your argument apart even further by admitting that even you want to have Pokemon Go in Malaysia. How can you argue against having Pokemon Go if you and lots of other people you know want Pokemon Go? You're going to have to dive deeper into that argument if you want me to understand it, because right now, all I see in it is a direct contradiction of your original argument.
Debate Round No. 2


Huge thanks to my opponent for yet another amazing and intellectual debate. This is the final round where we compete and i thank you for the experience throughout this time. My opponent was a strong one and it is my pleasure to debate with such a person.

Now, enough with the jibber jabber, lets get the ball rolling
1. Brilliant defense brought up by the opponent. Now, ok yes there are crime rates in Malaysia, yes there are accidents. But with the existence of pokemon go, it just worsens the situation. Many people will be seen wandering about not knowing where they are going, accidents skyrocket and crime rates will be more. So yes, i agree that there are crime rates in Malaysia, there are accidents, no doubt about that but what i dont agree is that pokemon go has a neutral effect and things will still be the same after its release. I am saying that with it, crime rates, accidents will all increase tremendously. To give you all a simple analogy, think of it this way. Malaysia is an ice cream. Pokemon go are ants and the crime rates are people. So there will be people eating the ice cream and finishing it but with ants, it worsens the situation to the point where a once sweet and delicious helping will be willingly dumped in the blink of an eye.

2. From the way he or she posts arguments, we could summarize that he or she is indeed a wise and observant person. Ok, so i admit i want pokemon go to be released. But does that mean i cant debate on it not coming out? And perhaps my opponent might have missed a view there, the whole me wanting it to be released is an analogy where the main point is that the government controls it whether its allowed here ir not. I was trying to say that whatever we do, whatever efforts we put in to make this happen, at the end of the day, its the governments' decision. The way my opponent has brought up his case is something like i dont like chocolate but does that mean i cant eat it? Another one, i love gambling but does that mean i cant oppose this act to warn the public to not fall in the same addiction i suffered? Whatever i may say, the main motive here in a debate is for me to defend my case and to stand by what i think is true. And i believe i have proven that to you all today. Thank you for being lovely people, thank you opponent for such fast responds and for brilliant arguments that really got me thinking. Till we meet again!

My name is Roshan
I am from Malaysia
I am currently 14 years old and has represented the state in the nationals debating competition

I hope i get to know my opponent's true self as well
With this, I officially rest my case
Thank you


Before I start, I want to give my thanks one last time to supportingopp for being the instigator of this debate. It's been a pleasure, and may the best debater win!

The first argument had an interesting rebuttal, but there's a major flaw in it; why do you assume that crime and accidents will skyrocket in Malaysia if they haven't skyrocketed in the United States? Both countries have rocky crime rates, but it certainly didn't change anything that happened in the America. The only significant change that has happened is that now, people are playing Pokemon Go more often, which is what Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures (the studios that make it) want, and that's exactly what they've gotten. Saying that somehow, things will be completely different in Malaysia after Pokemon Go is released is completely absurd and obviously untrue. The only accidents and crimes that have happened have attracted media attention like flies to a carcass, and they only do that because Pokemon Go cases like that almost never happen, ever. The claim that Malaysia will be any different is based off no evidence whatsoever and is, therefore, invalid. I did like that ice cream analogy, though.

And for the second argument, thank you for clearing that up, and I respect the choice to kind of play devil's advocate on this one. But, the thing is, when you look deeper into that whole second argument, why is it even there? You said towards the end of your third argument that the whole entire thing is only there to clear up that ultimately, the people don't have any influence over whether or not it gets released in Malaysia; only the government can. That is a good point, but it has nothing to do with the situation at all! Nowhere in that argument does it prove that Malaysia shouldn't get Pokemon Go, it's just saying a random fact about the government's decision about Pokemon Go. It's unnecessary, irrelevant, and completely out of left field.

But anyway, before I wrap this all up, thanks so much to the opponent for setting this whole debate up and delivering such fast rebuttals! This was a really fun debate and it got me thinking very hard. Thanks again!

I don't like to share my name on the Internet, so nobody's going to find that out
I'm from America
I'm 14 as well, but I've changed my age on this site often
And finally, I've never been on a debate team, but congratulations on making it to nationals!

With all of this said, I've officially presented my arguments
Thanks again to the instigator and to the voters
Debate Round No. 3
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