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Should President Obama really give WMDs to North Korea?

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Started: 3/12/2014 Category: Technology
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In recent news it has been shown that there are possibilities that President of the USA Barak Obama may be siding with Kim Jong Un of North Korea. It is Rumored that Obama may be giving WMDs and or the needed components of MWDs to North Korea. I feel that is this is a good decision. Giving North Korea MWDs would give them the power to actually stand up for themselves, which is something they haven't really been doing. Another Positive to the USA giving necessary components for MWDs to North Korea is that it would put people to work, which could help their economy.


Well I guess I'll start off with saying, when was this in the news? You're probably some cracked up conspeicy therist. Next you beleive that it would be a good thing for Obama to give WMD's (Wepons of mass destroction) to the ever feard North Korea, whom with out a second thought would send nukes right at us? For now I accept your deabte Ad0lf_Hitler.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm confused Con, it seems to me that you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks; given that you have brought some sort of device to access the Internet with, or you wouldn't be debating this. That aside, Obama has given several speeches announcing that there is a chance we ( the US ) could be supplying North Korea with WMDs. If you wish to continue to ignore the reality of this you can see documented sources and recorded speeches here:
Not only did you accuse me of being a "cracked up conspeicy therist" but you almost completely ignored the point of my argument; and by the way, please do tell me what a "conspeicy therist" is, or perhaps did you mean "conspiracy theorist"? Who's the real cracked up one here?
Moving on to the original argument of if it's a good idea or not. I strongly believe it's a very good a idea. There are countless amounts of reasons why, but I would like to focus on a select few.
1. The possibility of it strengthening the already good relationships between the US and North Korea.
2. North Korea having Nuclear Weapons in their possession would give the strength to stand up against the Russians ( God damn Russians...)
3. Giving North Korea the necessary components for WMDs would put a lot on North Korean men and women to work, which would most likely boost their economy.
Your move Con.


Haha, it seems you've been the one living under the rock, two weeks ago (in the white house) president Obama declared a Nuke war with North Korea so why would he give WMD's (Weapons of mass destruction) to North Korea? You say that it would give North Korea and the US a better relation ship? By relation ship do you mean udder destruction to all who oppose the great and powerful North Korea, if so my good sir you are mentally insane, next you go on to say that if North Korea would have nuclear weapons it'd help then to stand up to Russia (The mother land); also what with you and Russians you seem to hate them as you say 'God damn Russians...'. How would it boost their economy? Sure it would give them jobs for the short amount of time to takes to make one ( approximately 18-32 hours per) then whom ever worked on them would most likely die.

Now lets get to my arguments, over the last couple hundred years North Korea has been at war with the rest of the world, due to their poor treatment of people, (And many other reasons such as being the largest communist power) Now hear me out here, with out hesitation North Korea would destroy the world (Hints why we all such as Russia want to destroy them) and at the first sign we get that they're trying to send a bomb anywhere they will be destroyed.


P.S.: North Korea doesn't have the required technology to launch let alone handle a nuclear missile or a WMD of any sort.
Debate Round No. 2


Ad0lf_Hilter forfeited this round.


You've forfeit I think I have won this debate, it was fun my dear Ad0lf_Hitler. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by florodude 6 years ago
Pro, you know we are literally at war with them right?
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