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Should Prisoners be allowed to vote?

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Started: 7/19/2016 Category: News
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that prisoners should get the chance to vote if they please. People think they should not get the right to vote because they broke the law or did something terrible. Some of them may have been committed for a crime that they didn't do or just a minor crime. A certain person if they get into office may or may not help improve prisons. That's a lot of votes that could possibly be casted if they allowed them. It would count towards what ever state that they were imprisoned in. They are people just like all of us. I knew someone that got a DWI and will not be able to vote because he is in jail but is getting out shortly after the election. It could change a lot of prisoners life. Most people probably will not agree with me on this one.


When people go to jail, many of them go there for some time, so when they are released from jail, everything is different, and they would not know what is going on. If prisoners were educated while they were in jail, I would be fine with having them vote. But since I haven't heard of prisoners being educated, they should not. (Please tell me if prisoners are being educated in the comments.) My point is, they may not know enough about ongoing situations. They may have TVs, but they can't communicate with people who know more about the situation. It is true that if the entire prison population could vote, it would have a major impact on the result. This is another reason why they should not be allowed to vote. They may not know who exactly they are voting for. I look forward to this debate.
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