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Should RIDE create a plan to encourage greater economic integration in our school?

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Started: 1/26/2016 Category: Education
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Claim #1
Charter schools have not been a good plan to create equality in RI
Evidence " charter schools have only caused inequality they get more funds than other schools. If an unwealthy child was to attend the school they would most likely feel lost and wouldn"t know what to do. Also kids who are going to wealthy schools tend to have higher test scores because they around the same social class
Claim #2
Students should be mixed economically just like they were mixed racially by the courts in the past
Evidence - Students who have low income and attend rich elementary schools perform better. They get a better education then they would in a school with a high poverty rate. Low poverty schools performed 8% points higher than schools with high poverty
Claim #3
Everyone benefits when rich and poor kids are mixed
Evidence -. This shows that it benefits the ones who are not as wealthy because they are getting a better education. In Montgomery schools were divided into a high performing green zone and high needs schools which were in the red zone. They put some kids in the green zone schools and they performed better


Claim #1: When the government gets involved, bad things happen.
"Court- ordered desegregation plans do more harm than good questions about schooling should be left to communities.
"Courts are powerless to combat pre juice.
"School should not be used as battle grounds to address inequality and discrimination.
"In Boston the judge said that suburban districts cannot be included in desegregation.
"Supreme Court ruling ending the use of voluntary schemes to create racial balance among students.

Claim #2: Parents should be allowed to make decision about where to send their kids.
"Following the success of Operation Exoclus and METCO, parents and community groups open their own "communities" schools.
"Frustrated parents, black and white, appealed to federal judges to stop shifting children from school to school like pieces on a game.

Claim #3: We are already doing things to improve education fr individual students in RI.

"Desegregation does not speak to dropout rates that have near 50 percent for black and Hispanic high school students.
"The argument that school reform should provide equal opportunity for children, or prepared them to live in a pluralistic society, in spent.
Debate Round No. 1


Q: what if the communities can"t solve the problem? Who are they to turn to for help?
Q: what do you mean by, "Desegregation does not speak to dropout to dropout rates that have near 50 percent for black and hispanic high school students."
Q: if schools shouldn"t be used as battlegrounds to address inequality and discrimination then where should it be addressed?


what the social class have to do with higher test scores?

Why charter schools get more funds?

What do you mean with "if student who have low income and attend rich elementary school perform better"?

Why the rich kids and the poo kids just be mix if they still getting the same education?
Debate Round No. 2


A: Social class has to do with higher test scores because if you are around wealthy people in a wealthy school they get more funds and their education system is better. If you are mostly around poverty then the school does not get that much funds and the education is not that great.

A: Charter schools get more funds because the pupil expenditure is greater than those of kids going to a school that is high in poverty.

A: By this I mean that if you are not that wealthy and you go to a wealthy school you are getting a better education because you have the latest information, better teachers, better school sources, etc.

A: They should be mixed because it benefits them in a lot of ways. Their test scores go up, they would all have the same resources, the teachers would care more about their students.


"The communities know what they need and they know who they are a person can come from another city and tell them what they have to do.
"The community doesn"t need any help they could do all by them self but all of them have to agree with everybody else in the community.
"The desegregation is had been trying to mix the kids together for almost 60 year but the percent of dropout is not letting them.
" The battleground have to be in another place that doesn"t affect the kids because they getting kids get into things that it doesn"t really matter not even the black people they can"t be discriminated for the color they are just there for a good education no to fight with each other.
Debate Round No. 3


Rebuttal #1: When the government gets involved it is not all bad because if the government never stepped in then there wouldn't be schools that are mixed with ESL students.

Rebuttal #2: Parents shouldn't always be the ones to choose what school their child to attend. Students should be able to pick what school they want to go to because it may be better than the school their parents want them to go to. Also that way they learn responsibilities on making good choices.

Rebuttal #3: Instead of just helping individual students they should help every student out all together. It does not make since helping every student individually because some students might be ahead of other students. Also some students learn quicker than others. Another thing is that some students are going to need more help than others.


I disagree with the claim # 1 because they have to be all together it doesn't matter if they are poor the are getting the same education the only different thing is that they have different economy.

I disagree with the claim #2 because when the poor kids came to the rich school the poor kids were being discriminated the rich kids thought they were better then them.

I think you are wrong about #3 they should have just one zone they should get the same among of money of materials of education if they are changing the kids to different zone why they just don't get them all in only one zone.
Debate Round No. 4
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