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Should ROBLOX finally be dealt with?

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Started: 10/6/2017 Category: Games
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I agree. ROBLOX is flooded by ODers, clothing prices have gone up a lot, and worst of all, tickets and guests have been removed! ROBLOX has f*cked up.


Roblox is a company and it is simply doing what is best for its company, They removed TIX because they were losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars by having a free currency as widely used as TIX was. And when you mean "dealt with" i'm assuming you mean boycotting roblox or something of that sort and while it is a nice plan to get any business to do what you want to do it simply won't work because of Roblox"s audience which is for the most part 8-12 year olds who just want to play games and don't really care about whether they are being mistreated or not. Any type of boycott would absolutely fail. To sum it up Roblox is a growing business which needs a increasing revenue to account for the new staff servers and all the stuff that goes into making Roblox Roblox. And while these changes are annoying they are in the best interest for the company and in turn the best interest for people who use Roblox.
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Posted by SapphireGaming 2 years ago
Oh, and sorry if you guys don't know what I mean by "dealt with". I mean that ROBLOX should be the way it WAS. Get rid of ODers and many of the problems (the report button does not work) and bring back many of the loved features that happened to get removed.
Posted by SapphireGaming 2 years ago
First, ROBLOX has removed Guests... And second, I mean that ROBLOX should finally make it like what is was before. (Dealing with of ODers and bringing back the GOOD features)
Posted by sarahslytherin 2 years ago
Guests are still there....
Posted by Boris11 2 years ago
What do you mean?
Do you mean ROBLOX should be just be ignored?
Or do you mean that ROBLOX should be deleted?
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