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Should Religion Be Abolished Completely

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Started: 12/5/2013 Category: Religion
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This First Post will be for attracting anybody who wishes to take me on this debate. Reply saying accept if you accept. This is my first debate.

Summary: Should Religion No Longer Be Practiced? It has been demanded for so due to crusades, war, hate crimes, bigotry, cults, and violence. Should Christians, Jews, Muslims, and any sort of religion not exist for the sake of humanity?

My stance: Against the idea of abolishing religious practice.


I will accept your debate my friend

just a little background about myself
- i was baptized under the roman catholic church
- went to catholic elementary school as well as high school
- during high school questioned my religion and eventually decided to become atheist

I hoe to enjoy this debate with you, good luck
Debate Round No. 1


I hope to enjoy it to. :)

Now, I am an example of what came from religion. I don't consider myself religious due to the fact that I don't believe in church authority or denominations or control for any of that matter. I am an anarchist and a christian. A Christian Anarchist believes much that the government and church is for violence and control. So I refuse to follow the majority of Christianity, but instead, read the bible on my own and make my own beliefs that I believe God has given me. I believe that Jesus has shown me what to believe, not my peers.

If I find my own beliefs on my own, you might assume I'll be Charles Manson or the KKK. The fact of the matter is, we all are. You can take Catcher In The Rye and turn into something. Same with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Same for Tom Clancy novels. Same for any form of fictional or non fictional works. It's about interpretation.

Joseph Stalin, an atheist and a communist, decided to abolish religion due to his communist belief that the idea of religion is that of an opium. So he destroyed the Orthodox Church and other churches. He arrested practicing christians and pastors. He even forced atheism, a philosophy or religion of it's own, to kids in schools. Schools is were the brainwashing and doctrine of your lives come in. Atheists have argued that prayer in schools is forcing religion and christmas should be changed due to it's christian name. I am going to say this. I live in Lousiana. The south. And my school said Moment of Silence instead of pray, in respect to atheists or other religious people since we had muslims and atheists in the school as well. And who cares about Christmas. Kids only see it as the day Santa comes and gives them presents if they are good. This gives kids a great imagination. And if your the santa to the kids, they will leave you cookies and milk. Ain't that just adorable. Anyways, I will leave my first argument with that.


Of course it is very unlikely that one can just say no more religion and then every one stops believing in a god or gods, however I believe that a sort of natural abolishment of religion is already happening, its happening in teenagers and young adults who like me questioned their religion and decided there was no god or no need to believe in a god, the christian church s diminishing and will eventually die out.

I am not saying all religion is bad but it much of the time it does lead to bad things, like the cast system in Hinduism or the westbro baptist church.

The main stem of all the bad that comes from religions is difference in belief because if I believe in something and you do not we have an argument and if i a someone in a position of power i will dominate you which is exactly what happened in Americas past wars after 9 11 or even what stalin did he did out of and because of his own beliefs.
Debate Round No. 2


Well that's it. Individual beliefs is what the problem is. Not Religion. Religion is organized beliefs in which a group must believe the same thing. Individuals with their own beliefs will always create differences. For example.

Football fans of different teams = Difference = Dispute

Militant Straight Edgers and Stoners = Difference = Violent Dispute

Straight Edgers vs Militant Straight Edgers = Diffrence = Dispute

Religious Differences = Difference = Dispute

Political Parties = Dispute and Difference = Then Dispute

Xbox vs Playstation = Difference = Dispute

The whole idea of difference is what starts wars and fighting. I saw this movie that actually made me think. Equilibrium. In the movie, It shows the future where no emotion exists. The ruler declared that to be why everybody was in war. Jealousy, Rage, Anger, Sorrow. So if anybody showed emotion, they would be executed. They also destroy things that bring emotion. They destroyed the original Mona Lisa, movies and records, they even shot a group of dogs and puppies. They are willing to destroy signs of happiness and joy if it brings peace to them. And they take a drug that surpresses human emotion.

Point is, that even started a war. People who wanted to feel and have emotion began to be in a revolution.

So with religion gone, we will still have war. Differences.

Like Most Christians don't like that I believe being gay is not a sin and that I can point out why it isn't.


Of course we will still ahve war with or without religion however i belive that tere will be less small scale disputes and even some larger wars ones if there was no religion to say its just the individuals beliefs about religions fault is untrue because the individuals belifs stemed from organized religion as i will once again point out the westbro baptist church who have simply taken a literal meaning of the bible however they act like something the devil would have made.

You cant end war its just human nature however abolishing religion would definately end some unnecisary evil in the world
Debate Round No. 3


It will. But then it will end some good. There are good people that have stemed from religion like the Pope, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and other figures. So I will end my statement with this.

As much as I am a fan of Christianity, I will say it's not a religion and say that because in my eyes, religion is nothing more than the control over humans for their own gain. It's commercial. Sellout.

Now the idea that you can take something and use it to add own to your beliefs when something like religion was originally intended to be something only you yourself was supposed to interpret with your God. I believe this. Jesus Christ died for our sins and that if we sin, we can be forgiven even if we did 1,000 times. I'd rather believe that, a peaceful and loving faith, than one of violence and hatred like Westboro Baptist Church, which has most things wrong. Thank you. :)


I can not believe the notion that without religion then there would not be good people in the world, like Ghandi, he was a religious person but he did not do what he did because of religion he did what he did because of oppression.

I shall end off with that Religion brings both good and evil to the world that would be there anyway so why do we need it, does it not seem like a useless effort that restricts many individuals actions and beliefs for no good reason other than God told me so

Religion is unnecessary and unneeded and should be abolished

Grate debate, thank you!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by ChristianPunk 5 years ago
Don't forget i'm still here.
Posted by ChristianPunk 5 years ago
Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Posted by swag_master 5 years ago
duh god is fake
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Reasons for voting decision: This was an interesting and quick debate. However it seemed like Pro's basic premise was that because religion is unnecessary it should be abolished. Thank god that same mind set doesn't apply to everything right? I don't feel like he gave a reason that warrants abolition. Con's round 3 was really good and was showing that religion is not alone in the creation of conflict. I felt Con's arguments were stronger in dissuading the need of abolition. Good debate with great conduct
Vote Placed by kbub 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con said that conflict would still happen with no religion. Pro agreed. Con said that some religious people are good. Pro agreed. Con said that removing religion would stop good people, like Gandhi. Pro disagreed, saying that Gandhi did good based on humanity not religion, and that religion does not make people good or bad. Then Pro said that religion was restrictive. This isn't the strongest argument, but it won on the flow chart. Con admitted that religion can be brainwashed, but no one says if that's bad. I'm surprised there isn't much analysis on "abolish," because I think Pro was sometimes un-topical, but Con didn't point that out. Pro basically ended with religion bringing non-unique good and evil to the world, except for restriction which was uniquely evil. Pro wins, by that one thing. It's unfortunate that it was saved to the end, so one conduct point to ChristianPunk. Also, dunc22 had poor grammar, which suggests you argued from your phone. I look on that unfavorably.