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Should Robots take their place in the society?

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Started: 9/7/2018 Category: Society
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Please don"t add your argument yet, We will start our debate on the second round up to the fourth round. . This is more like an introduction or warm up for me and my contender. Make sure to have fun and may the best debater wins.

*Just so you know the topic itself, Covers "robots taking our jobs, Lives" and so on. *


First of all, Thank you for the opportunity to debate this topic with you. I accept your offer to forgo the first round.

I would like to rephrase the proposition as "Human employees should be replaced in their jobs by mechanical and automatic processes as much as possible"

Is this acceptable for you?

I'd like to admit that this is my first debate. I wish you luck - please forgive any misunderstandings or misgivings of mine over the next few rounds.
Debate Round No. 1


That's what i'm trying to say. Thank you. And Yes.


In the 21st century, Technology had spread like wild fire, Involving in every aspect in our day to day life; in our workplace, Education, Our household. Technology has indeed played its role in making our life more 'convenient'; in a sense everything has been taken over by robotics a great example would be the 'declining number of factory employees. Employees who work day and night just to give a decent meal to their families, Found themselves to be fired from their workplace. The chance of giving their love ones a brighter future was snatched away as factories resort to heavy machines instead of using manpower in their premises -- leading to a huge contribution of unemployment rate within the country.

Technology also contributes to laziness, A personality disorder, Obesity and more. What good can technology give to a man? Technology is a good servant to men, But it is a bad master to men, For this can lead to so many negative contributions to its people.

Allow me to give you a picture, A man name Joe -- whose been working day and night to a steel factory and was fired on the next day, After 5 years of service all was lost, The reason? Not of old-age but rather he was replaced by a robot. His family had starved afterwards, He was depressed and he is one of the people who adds the number of unemployment rate to the country.

Allow me to ask you a question, How many more people like Joe had to suffer? How many more family of 'Joe' had to starve to death? How many more number of people had to add the unemployment rate?
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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