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Should SATS be abolished?

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Started: 2/19/2018 Category: Education
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Hello, I have started this debate about 'Should SATS be abolished.' I have chosen 'yes' because:
1: SATS makes other people more depressed and you might get more stressed about it thinking 'I have to pass, I have to pass'
2: This is just like the 11+, which is an unneeded test as the same thing will be done again but later in the year (11+ is done when you are in year 6 but at the beginning of the year)
Hopefully this is enough and if you guys want to challenge me, then go ahead.
But I'm warning you, I am very good at debating and that this debate will not finish without me winning.


Ha Ha, I just realized you probably live in the UK. I thought this was about the SAT (which I think is useful) because I live in America. Sorry for messing up your debate.
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