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Should Satanism Be Allowed?

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Started: 11/25/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I am not a Satanist, but my friend is. Should Satanists be portayed as evil? Do they harm anyone? The media makes such a big deal out of it. If everyone is allowed to have their own religion, shouldn"t these people be allowed to also?


There are many arguments one could give for an against on this topic, so, in this instance, I will state the cons, though what you've said is very valid: "If everyone is allowed to have their own religion, shouldn't"t these people be allowed to also?". For starters, they are "allowed" to have their own religion. It is just frowned upon by society. You could almost call it taboo. Now then, I know this forum is very open religiously and politically, so I don't expect an easy win.

Now then, I'm no religious expert, but most obviously and simply, each religion goes against Satan all together. This is because the religious basis for beliefs against him is that he was the evil. He was the embodiment of it. These religious books were written with a light and a dark, (the ultimate villain and the all-powerful god). Of course it could be argued that every great story needs a protagonist and an antagonist. In this case, the antagonist being Satan. One can like an antagonist, but to follow in his footsteps with the same iniquity. That's another story altogether.

It must be kept in mind that Satan is supposed to be the villain. It could be argued that for one to follow in this ultimate evil's path makes them a villain as well. If a man sees a killer on TV, and becomes inspired to kill, does that not make him a villain; after all, he is taking lives. However, this is a weak argument on my part, as not all Satanists kill. Despite this, Satan lured some into hell (most notably: Adam and Eve). Not only this, but various verses were written about him in the bible, (obviously), proving the fact he enjoyed manipulating, and or making god's creations, (us), suffer. For example, passages include: "Corinthians 7:5, Corinthians 11:3, Peter 5:8-9, John 10:10, etc). Now considering this proof, If one is not scared of another who follows in a sadistic psychopath's footsteps who lies and tortures individuals, then something must be slanted in the eyes of the follower.

My last point for now: from the same passages in the last point, it can easily be deduced that the devil does not just aim to torture aimlessly, though bring the world down to it's knees. Satan has no mercy according to those passages, luring those blinded by hate, then deceiving them. A Satanist could be argued to be part of those individuals, most Satanists worship Satan due to hate or anger. Now, keeping in mind that the devil enjoys torturing, what stops the devil torturing his worshippers. After all, even a Satanist is human, and is therefore meant to be despised by the devil. That's how in so many passages; humans fall. Exactly succumbing to sin or worshipping the devil and being deceived in the process.

Good luck.
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Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Is Satanism protected under the first amendment like other superstitious beliefs?
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
If you just like Satan, go ahead and like him. If you're going to do things such as sacrificial rituals, you might be taking it a bit too far and I'll break it to you that you're doing way more harm than good.
Posted by Shad0wXx 2 years ago
As Satan is essentially the root of evil, (and whether you believe he exists or not, that is the type of ideal where a true satanist would be rooted). Therefore, it seems inevitable that satanists would almost certainly, of not certainly, do evil things that others wouldn"t / in greater amounts. It should be suppressed.
Posted by KwLm 2 years ago
It's all make believe so why not
Posted by Leaning 2 years ago
I agree with you but suggest you include a specification on what type of Satanist you mean.
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