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Should Schools Have Uniforms?

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Started: 9/13/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Uniforms? I mean what are they!, clothes, of course! But are students comfortable in them? , Do they feel less stressed in them? Or Do they make them better people?

I don't really get the fact on how schools, come to a conclusion of adding uniforms. Rules, Rules, Rules, that's what they say...but, do students follow these rules? do they admire these rules? Of course not!. As an example lets take my school, "No phones allowed", Students bring phones to school on a daily basis, nothing has been done to prevent that, if they are caught, they are slapped at times, because that's literally how Indian Education works, its stressful, & its dark.

I have this really awkward uniform, or dress code to follow, a half sleeved white shirt, navy blue trousers, black shoes, compulsory belt which has to be black in color, and if either of them is wrong, you have to pay a fine for that, and then the lovely teachers, and staff call you out for it, not only that.. if we happen to wear a full sleeved "white" shirt, we still have to pay a fine for that, I mean give me a break! I'm here to gain education which I am, gladly, but hello! I am not comfortable in this uniform, it makes me uncomfortable.

Clothing doesn't define us, so a uniform doesn't define us either, as a student! We wear it as a formality with utter hesitation, so we don't get called out, some people say, we don't have uniforms, because some students cannot afford clothing, umm can they afford your uniform? If that's a matter, I'm neutral with it, at least allow us to wear casual clothing for a day or two, so we can feel comfortable

I'd end of by saying that.. we are going to a school, not a prison, where we have a uniform to wear, silence to prevail, negative reinforcements, abridged freedoms, set times for walking & eating! Uniforms, they do not allow for any expression for individuality, and their ideal is dull and outdated.
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