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Should Schools Require Uniforms?

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Started: 2/23/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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School is probably one of the many places where people feel like outsiders. They may feel different from the others; bullied even. But I think with a uniform system established into schools, there can be no bullying over what people look like, what they can afford or what they can wear. Nobody can judge another on how they express themselves, and the drama over who has more expensive clothes will be at a close. There will be no countless hours spent in the mornings deciding on what skirt goes with your red crop top. You can get to school earlier because it doesn't take forever to decide on what to wear, and not go to school late, which then goes to avoiding detention because of tardiness. The final reason why kids should be wearing uniforms instead of wearing everyday clothes is kids can focus on their studies more. Classwork and Homework are what school is meant for. If people only worry about the new Vans that were just released or the new Sweater at Forever 21 should not be their #1 focus. It should be what they want to do when they go to college and bringing their grades up to honor roll. Frankly, school uniforms just simply get in the way of what really matters these days, and that is schoolwork. Kids need good grades to go to their dream schools, like Harvard, or Yale! Want to be an Actor when you grow up? You have to ditch those nights of going to the mall and use them to study with friends. School Uniforms won't get in the way of studying time, and will overall boost your grades up. So, Uniforms are the way to go for your schoolwear because you can't be bullied for how you show yourself, you will not get into as much trouble for what you wear and how long you take to pick it out, and you can save those nights to the mall to get some extra math flash cards into your head for the next math quiz. Uniforms make a difference in schools, and every school should replace their dress code with a school uniform system right away!


Uniforms aren't comfortable, and besides people should wear whatever they want. They have a full wardrobe of clothes they don't wear because they're wearing uniforms. As long as they're not wearing something stupid. It's not a popularity contest anyway.
Debate Round No. 1


Who says school uniforms can't be comfortable? They don't have to be posh and what everyone expects to be school uniforms; a white t-shirt and khaki pants with black shoes are comfortable and basic. A School Uniform is an established outfit for what everyone wears together - it means it's the same. So, having a full wardrobe of clothes still means that there's summer vacation, trips, winter break, spring break, dances, and special outings with families and friends that you can go to. Uniforms help kids from wearing something they shouldn't be and protects them from the thought of school outfits ever becoming a popularity contest. People should be popular on how they are kind to others, not based on their appearance. According to the Daily Gazette, (Link at the end of my Round) shows that children are much sadder at a school that doesn't have uniforms; and therefore are judged that they cannot afford the clothes that everyone else can, other than a school with uniforms where everyone can afford the same outfit. Uniforms can't make you smarter in a night, but it improves your performance and can make you a smarter worker and thinker in the classroom. So, this would help a kid going to their dream colleges, and ditch the mall during the week. Weekends are the time to go out with friends but save your weekdays to study and learn those extra notes your teacher gave you.
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