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Should Students Wear Uniforms ?

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Started: 1/21/2017 Category: Education
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"A Prisoner has to wear a Orange dress , or his uniform in the prison"

Students often find , schools as jails , and then when they take references from , prisons , they don't see a difference what so ever , Prisoners at times wear an orange uniform or what ever be the color be in a prison , that gives them their identity as a "prisoner" , same thing for schools .. children / students , they don't want to get Identified on the basis of their "uniform" and totally become "prisoners" of their jail - School

After all , school is our second home , and in our homes , I believe we are free in our homes , to wear anything we want , and if we say that our school is out "second home" and we don't have enough rights to wear what we want to ... isn't that supposed to be called as a JAIL ? I agree that we come to school for getting education , but being in a uniform is kind of .. pathetic , I feel trapped in it , most students feel trapped in it , or we suffocate in those uniforms..

I read this article / debate on this same website , they said that , clothes which we'll buy for our children , to wear to school will cost a lot , but Uniforms wont .. let me correct you , we never buy a whole closet of clothes at once , parents buy clothes for their children , and themselves , for "use" , its useful . Where as uniforms , some students , they've to buy new uniforms ... every year , or at the start of school. In my school if we wear a full sleeve shirt , we are supposed to pay a fine for that .. and people say that ... uniforms cost less ?

There is a huge difference between prisons and schools , prisons are for people who did a bad deed , school is for education , and if we are classified on the basis of uniforms , basically we are in prisons , and paying for our bad deeds!


I am arguing in favor of mandatory school uniforms. I think this is a valuable topic and I am grateful to Hamza_ZA for initiating the debate. I hope to do my best to provide a valid argument.

First of all, I would like to address your repeated assertion that having a school uniform changes school into a prison environment. While it is certainly true that having uniforms is standard procedure in most detention facilities, this is just one of many qualities that is associated with prisons. Standards of living vary dramatically depending on the facility, but in many prisons you are expected to live in an environment with no privacy, even while changing, showering or using the bathroom. You are often not allowed to retain any personal property. If you don't want the food provided to you, you do not have the option to bring something from home. Yes, school uniforms are restriction of freedom, but it is certainly not on the same level as the restrictions in prison.

This brings us to the topic of forced conformity, or "uniformity." I do not wish to downplay the importance of allowing students to express their individuality and identity. However, the clothes a person wears is not the only way of self-expression. A school should have many opportunities for self-expression through art and writing classes, projects and written assignments, and extracurricular activities. If the main way for a child to express themselves is through their fashion choices, I would argue that that in itself is problem.

In your post, you stated that schools should be like a "second home" to students. While this is a heartwarming notion, school will never be on the same level as a person's home. Nor should it be. If a student forms positive bonds with their friends and teachers, that is ideal, but those bonds can never be a substitute for the family most students have at home. Even at boarding schools, where children actually live at school, it is still not a home environment. Just because you spend a lot of time in a place doesn't mean you should have the freedoms you have at your own house. This is true as a student in school and as an adult in the workplace.

You said that wearing a uniform makes you feel trapped. I am no longer at the level of education where uniforms are expected, so I can't say that I empathize with you, but I don't think your feelings are wrong. However, the reality of life is that we are often trapped by circumstance. That is not to say that we shouldn't fight back against it, but in the case of school uniforms, I think it is better to take the (somewhat small) loss of freedom of expression in exchange for the positives that can come of school uniforms.

I have responded to your arguments about the flaws of school uniforms, but I haven't really given positives. Let me outline some of the reasons why I think uniforms can be a good thing:

School uniforms take away a level of expression, but I would argue that rather taking away student identities, it can push them to find new aspects of themselves. Students find their identity, not in their clothes and the brand names they wear, but in how they spend their time and the effort they put forth in the areas that they choose. Although I do believe that fashion is an art form and worth respecting, your clothes only do so much to express your fashion sense. Often they mainly reflect your parents income.

This is my main reason for supporting uniforms. For poor students or students in bad home situations, it is often that nice clothes either aren't or can't be provided. This can lead them to be singled out for bullying, or at the very least, judged for something they can't control. Having a school uniform puts students on an even playing field, at least to begin with. As much as it would be nice if no one judged someone for not having stylish or brand-name clothes, it is a reality that it happens.

You argue that there is no financial reduction for students and families, but there often is. Having a uniform means only needing to update your wardrobe when you grow out of it, rather than buying new clothes every time they go out of style. It is also quite rare for students to be fined for breaking dress code, such as your case. It is much more common for them to face a minor punishment.

This is my argument to what you have said. I would love to hear your rebuttal. Thank you!
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