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Should Study hall be able to be replaced by another elective?

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Started: 5/4/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Students are wasting their time in study hall. All they do is sleep and secretly play on their electronic devices. It should be able to be replaced by another elective.


I am debating against the statement that study halls should be replaced by a different elective.

Now I understand that kids play electronic games and sleep during study hall. That is undeniable. The issue with your statement is that they do just as much of that during lectures and during other classes as they do in study hall. I'm all for eliminating the playing of electronics during class and study hall.

In my opinion, study hall is a necessary thing for schools because though there are kids that don't need it but still take it, some do need and use it. Study hall gives the study hall teacher an hour of the day that acts as a free grading or organizing session as well, and it supplies a break from normal school work. Also, kids can use study halls in a very diverse way. They can get tutoring help more effectively during this hour, work on a school project, or just do some homework that they wouldn't have time to do that night at home. Some kids who don't participate in extra curricular activities or don't need it just shouldn't take it.

Some kids don't work well at home. They need to be at school to work properly. They get in their "home" mode when they are at home, and they need some extra time at school work. This is the case for many ADD kids with their "medication" wearing off throughout the day, and they get unfocused at home. They can't manage all the work load.

Study hall is also necessary for improving grades. They stay up too late doing homework, and study hall gives a controlled, relaxed atmosphere to do so (1). Staying up to late causes school fatigue, and that is just as bad for your grades as playing electronics during school does.

Basically, school life is a progression. It starts with elementary school, where learning is spoon fed. Then, in middle school you get more freedom like choosing your own style of studying, not having to "line" up in the hall way, and being able to do more things without adult supervision. High school is a huge jump from middle school, and certain kids would like a study hall to relieve that burden while others would use that time block to take an arts class or an extra AP class. Then in college, you are finally on your own terms, but you still get some help. In your career, you are truly on your own. High school losing study halls makes the middle school to high school jump too large for the kids who need a study hall, and it hurt a kid's academic confidence during their adolescence years.

I have a counter-argument to your argument that they secretly play electronics. How do you know that they "secretly" do it if it's a secret? I believe it isn't a secret. Teachers know it's happening and don't stop it because the only one hurting from the situation is the kid that isn't studying. High school is all about learning and reacting from mistakes and successes, and freedom is something that college has. Since that is the case, why not give kids a "free" hour of the day where they are in the school "mode" to do homework freely? They will have grades impacted depending on how they use it. I feel like eliminating study halls wouldn't eliminate electronic use in the same way gun control won't eliminate crime, but that's a different story.

Basically what I'm saying is:

A. Study halls are needed for some kids.
B. Study halls are versatile and usable for schools in various ways.
C. Study halls improve grades of schools.
D. Eliminating study hall doesn't eliminate use of "wasted" school time.

Debate Round No. 1


okay. that was well put. i forfeit... GG


Thanks for participating! This was a fun debate.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Boesball 7 years ago
People should have voted, I won this he forfeited!
Posted by Boesball 7 years ago
You are right dilara
Posted by DeletedUser 7 years ago
We need breaks to get away from school work. I need my time for napping--I mean studying and Facebook--I mean reading. Seriously though kids are just gonna mess around in a mother elective any way so let's not bother.
Posted by Outsider 7 years ago
-Does a student have to take a study hall?
-- If not, what class would they be taking instead
-How many periods do they have in their day?
-How many study halls can/do they take?
-Hypothetical: About how many students are in the study hall? How many teachers?
Posted by Jifpop09 7 years ago
Its up to the school. Schools with mandatory study hall have an extra hour. Schools with no study hall, like the one I use, have one less hour. I would say scrap the hour all together.

The actual answer to the problem, is the status quo. Let the school system choose
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