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Should Tablets replace textbooks?

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Started: 11/4/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I am completely against. This debate will have 5 rounds and each round with have one proof and as many as chosen sub proofs. What this means is that Proof, is a subjects and sub proofs are supporting arguments.
Please for serious debaters only.
1 st round i am explaining the rule and making sure that everything is okay.
Opponent please comment in round 1 slot if agreed and if you accept.
Sorry for the forfeit. My computer was acting up. :p :) 8) May the best one win! Good LUCK!!! :)


Before I go into my main argument, I would like to bring a rebuttal to my opponents statement. He makes the claim that the reason why tablets should not replace textbooks is because they could break. To rebuttal my opponent's statement, I like to ask the question to my opponent that doesn't everything break once in a while? Even textbooks themselves can break if you tug on a page slightly to hard, to dropping it and it messing up the cover. Anything can break, and tablets themselves are not the only thing that does break. In fact, only 4% of tablets get damaged through cracks and bends stated by tablet analyst Brian Nadel. He put the top 4 tablets to the test through a series of vigorous tests in which none really failed (1).

The chances are clearly slim, and even if they happen to break, there are always replacement; which brings me to my main argument.

Tablet Marketing Strategy:
The reason why tablets should replace text books is because of helping the electronic economy boom in business. I consider myself a business republican with the idea of market prosperity, and expanding on the use of this technology can indeed promote both market and economic prosperity. In society nowadays, electronics are everywhere. From our phones to the computer we use to type this debate, technology is everywhere and tablets is one aspect. In the year 2016, the sales for tablets rose 300 million sales in the United States alone (2). Plus also technology itself in promoting a better economy (3). That's a high margin, and is increasing as the years go by. What does this mean? This means that the business is receiving more sales, meaning more funding in their own devices.

Think about it like this, you make a business which gives the best product out there. It's not perfect by no means, but it's a strong stand alone product. It does successfully but consumers want the next upgrade to that said product. As long as you have the money to fund for the next upgrade, you can achieve that goal. Giving funding to tablets allows a tablet's company to progress as a business, as well as make the product even better than before.

Referring back to my opponent's worry of tablet's breaking, if we fund for it better hardware can be implemented to the tablet. This has happened before, and will continue to happen as we fund for it. A good example would be the new IPhone where it recently began to become more water resistant. How was this achieved? By consumers for purchasing the product, and the same can be said about tablets.

Topic Clarity:
Before concluding my first argument, I like to mention to my opponent that this topic did not state on completely getting rid of textbooks, but hints at the idea of moving to an era of more technology. If the topic said "completely replace" then I would be on my opponent's position, but support the idea of moving our society to a more tech savvy based society.

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