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Should Teddy continue Door Patrol next year?

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Started: 5/16/2018 Category: People
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Should Teddy continue Door Patrol next year?


Teddy's no doubt well rounded and exceptional. But nonetheless his minimal digit approach can present some awkward situations at times. Diplomacy is his strong point, his disarming nature and quiet persistence is often all it takes. Comfort
with door patrol, I don't think is an issue. The focused eyes and fixed smile, display that relaxed disposition necessary for such an application.

What we must consider though is the fairly regular reconstruction dilemma. Not a weakness in character at all, but the wear and tear of the role. Ted's eye issues are the chief concern, both requiring realignment surgery of late, the prognosis is good though and functionality certainly doesn't seem impaired. He's taken the knocks over the years, man handling is what comes with the territory and so we must take into account the build up of all those minor abrasions.

In the same vein, Ted has as always been somewhat impaired but certainly not burdened by stiffness of movement. He's not the swiftest of guys of the blocks, but it is fair to say that his slow and amusing forced march countenance is often all that it takes to diffuse the most difficult of situations.

Let us also pay regard to dress code. I would suggest that the importance of the role is often under estimated. Ted's been wearing the same ensemble for quite a few years now. The short trousers and matching waistcoat may have been considered de rigueur once upon a time, but I think it fair to now question their suitability for the challenges of the modern doorman.

The requirements of the clientele have certainly changed over the years, as has obviously their social approach and growing needs. However, Ted's character and charm is enduring and even though his client base may have considerably altered in character, he manages to retain the same all round level of quiet respect.

I think it fair to assume, that Teddy will one day soon have to take a back seat role. His growing maturity matches that of his clientele and I think that his suitability for the job will ultimately be his clients decision. Sadly being left on the shelf is often the doorman's lot.
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