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Should Ten year old kids or younger be allowed to use this website?

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Started: 3/28/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Yes, they should because it's good for kids to have arguments, because it will help them talk better with people and in arguments. I also like this because it helps them type and spell correctly.


I negate the following resolution. Resolved: Ten year old kids or younger should be allowed to use the website.

Contention 1-There are many inappropriate ideas and prompts that ten year olds are just not ready for yet. Especially kids younger than 10, they should not have to know about things like sex and drugs. For instance, there is a polly question "should teens be allowed to have sex...?". Not only that, but there are concepts too big for youngsters to wrap their head around, such as abortion, death penalties, taxes, etc. Children should learn to enjoy their childhood while they can, to play tag with friends and splash in the pool instead of sitting in front of a computer. Old habits are hard to break, and will encourage them to talk about the "big issues" . In a bad way- to the point people will think s/he is a politician in disguise of a child. Trust me, nobody and no parents want that.

Contention 2-Additionally, I do not see how helps improves speech. They are not saying the words out loud and practicing their speech and social skills. No, they are sitting in front of a monitor typing. IN fact, this can decrease social skills. And sure, you can practice your typing and spelling skills here, but so can every single other website. I mean, seriously: there's, google docs, and every other type you can type. In fact, there are many other typing games and websites made purely for this purpose, and does not include all this irrelevant and inappropriate material for <10 year olds.

Contention 3-If you really want to speak better in arguments, go to a real debate/public speaking class. When I was younger (11) I used websites like these and debated other people. Even after many times and a lot of debates, I still was very shy and hated debates. But then I went to a debate class, and here I am, in 2 debate teams.
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