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Should "The Public Be Suckered" ?

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Started: 5/3/2013 Category: Economics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Should "The Public Be Suckered" ?

I am certain that it is a far, far better thing for our nation if the people have their heads OUT of their fuming darknesses.


Well to an extent i guess the public should be "suckered". There are things the public does not need to know.
Debate Round No. 1


Your Argument rests on the validity of your
"There are things the public does not need to know."
for the content in my given URL

I will now make two points in my Argument, followed by elaborations. First, the several cited extremes of excess price and excess debt are all MASSIVE, and "obviously" ought to be well-known in a 1-person/1-vote nation. Second, the seldom-seen-reality for these compelling histories says that the "establishment" is massively deceiving the people -- and the people surely want/need to know that; the "establishment" are NOT TRUSTWORTHY.

near the bottom, in "Bubbles relative to GDP", the indicated Jan 2000 stock price and Feb 2006 home price bubble peaks are calculated as 1.1 and 0.8 times contemporaneous GDP, of excess price, respectively.
In the same URL, preceding and in the second chart, see the massive increase in "living off the future" since the mid-1980s -- surely, the public have needed to know that.
And again here
this needs no elaboration:
"Recent debt jump is 2/3 of that for World War II:"

Why?? Perhaps doing "The Public Be Suckered" makes the financial sector more money??? Wow ... the financial sector is lately 1/12 of GDP, an all time record high fraction, and absurdly high "it seems to me", when computers do a lot cheaply, etc.

Finally, ever heard the term "intellectual savagery"?
Finally again, recalling our nation's track record of serial bubbles
ask yourself: Do you know folks who had kids to have somebody to sell high to?


Okay so your statement is that they should not be suckered because its hurting the economy? I don't think the fact that somebody suckering another person will affect anything
Debate Round No. 2


The question is: Should "The Public Be Suckered" ? I say NO. Obviously, at a glance, the four charts here
are VERY instructive, and people ignorant of their essential contents are people suckered.

Our 'USA system, as advertised' includes free press, free markets, free ... Objectivity is a significant principle of journalistic professionalism.
Nowhere do you see "But what is intellectual honesty's cash flow?".

Re. your "I don't think ... will affect anything.", I offer two points.
FIRST, I call this a big effect.
"Recent debt jump is 2/3 of that for World War II:"
SECOND, Financial asset mispricing, effect on the common good:
equal and opposite effects on buyer and seller, net = zero;
equal and opposite effects on all the asset-holders together and on all the asset-non-holders together, net = zero;
rational pricing is better for the common good than is irrational pricing because rationality is more likely to be there tomorrow than is irrationality -- giving "a more stable environment for all of us to plan our lives" (Shiller).


None of your evidence points to why the public should not be suckered. it just shows random events that the economy has been affected from a money crisis or that the government screwed up. There is no "suckering" here.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Badtothebone 5 years ago
AgentRocks, i like how you came from my debate then came to vote here, right after the insane discussion, weird right?
Posted by edgi 5 years ago
Your "Argument" is quoted 4 yr ago
"The Establishment: F... the people."

Ongoing extremes
Dear Editors,
Here are four ongoing extremes, "Real Dow & Real Homes & Personal Saving & Debt Burden" at
which are kept well-away from the people"s attention.

Q: Why are they not apparent?

A: The Establishment: These truths are bad for business.

Q: But how about the people?

A: The Establishment: F... the people.
Posted by edgi 5 years ago
Reread your Comment, not sure I answered it, trying again ...
"The public be suckered" IS the status quo, surely, I assert.
I ask 'Should the foregoing BE the status quo?', given how our system is SUPPOSED to work?
Hoping I'm clear.
Posted by edgi 5 years ago
Thanks for asking, sorry for unclear ...
My question is
Should "The Public Be Suckered" ?
My position/answer is NO.
By "suckered" I mean seriously/severely fooled -- the present context is a LOT of money.
I intend to assert that the status quo is "The Public Be Suckered". I suppose that this is obvious from the page
and it is intended to be analogous to the famous "The Public Be Damned".
Posted by Kenneth_Stokes 5 years ago
I'm not sure what you're asking. If you are to clarify what you're saying, then I would gladly accept.
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