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Should The Roast Game be taught in Schools?

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Started: 1/21/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Pro will argue that The Roast Game should be taught in schools. Con will argue that it should not be taught in school.

Watch this whole half hour long educational program, then let's argue.

"The Roast Game: A True Fact"



you very weird, weirder than me, n i have 2 accounts parodying n trolling myself. Plus as you already know you look like me, so I MUST destroy you. DESTROY
Debate Round No. 1


First let me demonstrate, "The Roast Game is pretty simple. First ask any family member "what is special about a holiday roast?"
The family member would have the tendency to guess assumptively "Ham" "Turkey" "Beef"
You say "no" to the family member. Then, you ask them "who or what do you think is special?"
The family member says "I believe that children are special." You respond "So, you eat children for a Christmas roast?"
The family member would freak out at you because he knew that the family ate children and he is surprised that you knew it too. The whole point of the game is to get your point across, which is the idea that the family eats children as their Christmas roast, and you interview and prove your common knowing and realizing of the idea or tradition that families have. If they freak out, they already admitted it.

It makes logical sense because when you ask a family member these questions, you get the sense that the family member is assuming that I don't know what they were eating, making excuses like guessing average roast meats like "ham", "turkey", or "chicken" Then he faces your sudden answer "no" which gives him a sign that he is just making excuses to escape the question and to carry on with life. The roast game is just a psychological mind tester. It tests the human will to tell the truth.

Asides, it is easily provable by the fact that The Roast Game itself is easy proof that families were eating their own children after slaughtering them. After they slaughtered them they did this process where they skin the children, take out any fecal matter or anything inedible to humans, slice the right meat parts off like the "roast" meat, de-bacterialize the meat, season it, then cook it, after cooking it, they eat the children. That is my proof, which is the logical explanation of the truth that is found out in The Roast Game. Which to be honest, is absolutely mind blowing." [1]



Well Well Well

Here's the Toast Game nullsy.

Grab ya toaster n 10 slices of bread, then run a bath. Put the toaster right on the edge of the bathtub, have an extension cord to the nearest plug so you can make toast . Proceed to make toast whilst bathing.

The twist, for every toast you eat, you must drink 2 gulps of vodka cranberry and increase the amount of butter you put on. With you becoming increasingly intoxicated and bloated, the aim is to survive and not electrocute yourself...
If you try cheat, eg push the toaster off the bath, your mother/family member will come in and throw all of your electronics in the bath with you, because she hates you for being a coward.

The Reward - you can have sex with any one in the world because the prize of this challenge is 25million. Let the Toast Game Begin
Debate Round No. 2


Now, since I demonstrated The Roast Game, I must explain why it should be taught in schools as a lesson in self awareness and perseverance. It teaches kids to watch out for your family, make sure they don't try to eat you (just to make sure their lives matter to families now, since they don't quite do that anymore. But, just in case). To teach such a lesson must be encouraged by every social studies teacher. Without self awareness, and perseverance, there will be no children, and that will be down right sad in society.

Here is the original debate I have proven The Roast Game in.

Next round will be my conclusion to this debate (in my position).



Now that you died after one toast, it's your mother's duty to chop you up and post pieces of your body to random people without getting arrested.
Debate Round No. 3


Finally, here is my conclusion.

1. The Roast Game is the proven fact that families literally are their own children.
2. It should be taught in schools as a lesson of self awareness and perseverance.
3. The Con is not even challenging my arguments, just trolling.

The Con is just trolling just to try to distract me from my position of this topic. I stayed focused, never got distracted, backed up my arguments, and provided a more convincing argument, not just random trolling.

Here are the source (s) I used in all of my arguments:

The choice is clear, Vote for Pro!
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 2 years ago
Let's do this.
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