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Should The UK Have an Open Borders Policy?

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Started: 6/8/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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In the last two quartersof 2016, more than 12,800 EU citizens had their permanent residency requests refused, with a further 5,500 declared invalid, a rejection rate of around 28%.

To qualify, EU nationals need five years of continued residence in the UK. Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary's recent comments " following Theresa May"s " are reported as a further endorsement of a "work permit" system for economic migration versus the "points-based" one proposed by Vote Leave during the referendum campaign.

This debate is almost entirely vacuous. Assuming that free movement in its current form does not continue, we will have neither a completely open nor a completely closed system for migrants coming here to work, for either nationals of the European Economic Area or those from outside it. In other words, for all non-UK citizens, there will be (as there is now for non-EEA nationals) a system where the UK government sets out some criteria for work-related migration from the EEA, as it does at present for non-EEA migration.(1)


These criteria could be skills, earnings, having a job offer, occupation, or some combination of these; they could include numerical limits, either overall or from certain countries.

So should the have open borders? Should the free movement of EU nationals continue upon Brexit?

Should immigration be stopped altogether?
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Posted by Wyattcodered 2 years ago
i will post tomorrow morning my time as the Con for the First round.
Posted by Wyattcodered 2 years ago
@BethPembers are you for the open Borders? I cant tell from your opening statement, but as the pro position you should be.
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