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Should Transgender People be able to use their Preferred Bathroom?

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Started: 4/23/2017 Category: People
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Hello! Thank you for joining the debate! I will be arguing that trans gender people should be allowed to use the restrooms of their choice.
Trans gender people should be treated as the gender they are now. If they want to use their restroom, they should be allowed to. Imagine if you always had to go to the restroom of the gender that you weren't. It would be pretty hard. And thats what so many transgenders everywhere feel like if they live in a state where they have to use the wrong bathroom.
It's not good for them, or any other people in that bathroom. If say, a transgender man has to be in a womans bathroom, i bet the women wouldn't be happy that he was in there, and that man wouldn't want to be in there, either. And, that would be the situation he was in almost every time he uses the bathroom. And there are so many transgenders facing the same problems worldwide.
They deserve to be in the bathroom of their current gender, to benefit everyone.


I will be arguing that trans gender people should not be allowed to use the restrooms of their choice.
Transgender people are not the gender of which they claim to be. While I am not denying them their humanity, they should not force their beliefs on others. If they want to use their restroom, they can go to a uni-gender bathroom if they truly wish to. Imagine if you were forced to look at another's genitals in the name of political correctness. It would be pretty hard. While transgender believe that they are truly a different gender, it is worth noting that almost no scientific data backs their claims and contradicts basic biology. We live in a society of facts and logical thinking and shouldn't abide by rules of feelings of a minority of individuals. It's not good for society if we are to change laws and regulations on a whim due to hurt feelings and opinions. Transgenders have a much higher rate of suicide than cisgender people. Despite many leftist claims, not all studies show the supposed strong correlation with "bullying" and "oppression" committed against transgenders and it's abnormally high suicide rates. Many states have allowed transgender to freely choose their bathrooms and we have seen little change in the suicide rate. However, we do see the public starting to express discomfort at such transgenders in the bathrooms. The polls show that transgenders aren't getting much happier and the public have simply gotten worse.
They should not be allowed to be in the bathroom of their chosen gender, THIS decision benefits everyone.
Debate Round No. 1


A trans gender person is someone who once was the opposite gender of who they are now. Not someone who just wants to be the other gender. Why would you define the gender of someone by what gender they used to be, because their gender is who they are currently are.
A man should not have to use a womans bathroom because they were once a woman. Like i said before, that would be an uncomfortable situation for everyone.
About the sources you gave, the second one has no credible studies, and the first one only cited the percentages, and if that many people really want no people of the opposite gender in their bathrooms or locker rooms, they should let the trans people in, because if a trans girl is in a boys locker room, no one would like it.
With that said, transgenders should have basic human rights too, so they deserve to be in the bathroom of their gender.

Con can't just change your sex. It is not determined by feelings but by your chromosomes. Women have XX and Men have XY chromosomes. Despite how much Bruce Jenner thinks and wants to be a women, every single cell of his body has an XY chromosome. You have provided no arguments for transgenders truly being the gender of which they claim to be. You merely state this as a fact without any evidence supporting it. Your whole argument rests on the premise that transgenders are truly the gender that they claim to be. For the second round, you merely restated your points from round one. The only way you can win this debate is by proving transgenders can change their gender then, using this premise to argue that this is a basic human right. All I have to do is disprove your premise about gender fluidity. CAT scans prove that there is a clear difference in males and females. I have also mentioned the XX vs XY chromosomes. These clearly prove a great difference in both the psychology and physiology of both sexes. One can't just become the opposite gender through one's opinion. You can have a man that can act feminine or a women that acts more masculine, but you can't ultimately become the opposite gender. Since my opponent provided no points to defend his premise about gender fluidity, I have debunked his whole argument. Also gender merely refers to the way you act (masculine vs feminine), bathrooms are clearly separated through sexes (male/female). As for the criticisms in regard to my sources, I have two points to make. The first is that my second source clearly referenced the credible sources such as the Center of Disease Control statistics on suicide. My second point is that at least I have provided sources to backup my claims unlike my opponent.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Jonbonbon 3 years ago
First read this as "should transgender people be able to use the bathroom" and I lol'd pretty hard tbh.
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