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Should Trump be President

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Started: 1/27/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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As 2016 approaches, Republicans are salivating over the hopes and dreams that Hillary Clinton will be defeated by someone the Republicans select to run against her. Per usual, the Republican side of the aisle is a hot mess. They have candidates on top of candidates, sitting on top of candidates. They have everyone from pastors to celebrities looking to run for POTUS; it"s like Gary Coleman and pornographic actresses running against Arnold in California. It stands out as a huge joke. The craziest punchline, however, is actually in one of the Republicans" most serious presidential prospects: Donald Trump.
let"s examine some reasons why Donald Trump would be a horrific president and actually harm America indefinitely. Trump is a racist person


Trump is fully committed to our allies and they know it.
Cite: Gady 16, Glaser 1/25/17, and Santoro and Warden 16
He may take a significantly more hawkish line toward China than Beijing expects. Although Japan and South Korea will be respectfully asked to do more, there is no question of Trump"s commitment to America"s Asian alliances as bedrocks of stability in the region. Status quo strategic ambiguity make proliferation more likely because Asian allies are losing trust in the US nuclear umbrella. Without a significant change in policy, proliferation will escalate to an arms race and eventually to Nuclear War- Extinction. Trump is the only way to maintain stability in our alliances and ensure world peace.
God Bless America & MAGA!
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