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Should Trump be killed?

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Started: 4/23/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Unlikely as it may seem, Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte may have more in common than any other US and Philippine presidents in history. For one thing, they"re fans of each other. Huge fans.
Long before the initial face-to-face between the Donald and Digong " the nickname by which Duterte is best known " Trump had already complimented him on doing an "unbelievable job on the drug problem". He was referring to the Philippines" so-called drug war, which has resulted in several thousand extrajudicial killings linked to the national police and sanctioned by the national government.

"I would love to have you in the Oval Office, any time you want to come," Trump cooed to his newest best friend. More recently, Duterte, who on more than one occasion has heaped insults on former president Barack Obama, has praised Trump profusely. Mostly for his billions and his choice of wife. But then envy is said to be one of the more sincere forms of flattery.

But the course of true love never does run smooth, does it? Two US congressmen " one a Republican, the other a Democrat " criticised Trump for issuing the invitation, and called out the Philippine president on human rights violations. Duterte gleefully threatened to ban them both from entering the country. "If you do not like me, I do not like you. We"re even," he said, adding that the US was "lousy" anyway.

But the red carpet was readily rolled out this week for Trump, who was serenaded by Duterte with a romantic Filipino song at a formal dinner.

So what happens when narcissists face their mirror image? They can only fall in love. Alt-reality being the order of the day, their first meeting behind closed doors was followed by a bland announcement from the White House saying that human rights had indeed been brought up. The Philippine government announced, just as blandly, that this had not happened.

Why is Duterte's war on drugs controversial?


And that"s the end of the matter. Whatever was said " or not " could hardly dent the two principals" undeniable rapport. They get each other. "Sometimes, two toughies become very close and end up as true friends," said Philippine foreign secretary Alan Peter Cayetano. After all, both presidents revel in flexing their authoritarian muscle. Both are outsiders who immediately set about wrecking the political establishment. Each addresses himself almost exclusively to a core base of supporters for whom "human rights", "mainstream news media", the constitution, and other pesky elements of a functioning democracy are but flies to be brushed off.

Both fancy themselves as dealmakers. According to the legend running in their minds, this is how Trump managed to succeed in New York"s cut-throat property development business, tussling with competitors, investors, unions and shadier sorts. And this is how Duterte, as a small-city mayor in a conflict-ridden region, had reportedly played off different warring parties " communist rebels, Islamist insurgents, and the odd vigilante group " against each other.

Both presidents readily disregard facts and self-contradict at lightning speed. (Their supporters adore them for it.) Both like to see themselves as masters of the ruse and the feint and the devil-may-care move. For example, calling the touchy leader of a totalitarian nuclear state "short and fat".

Both Trump and Duterte have been really nice lately about Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Duterte has expressed fulsome thanks to both for their modest funding and arms donations in the government"s battle against Islamic State in the southern city of Marawi. And despite China"s relentless buildup of military infrastructure in an area of the South China Sea that was recognised as belonging to the Philippines in a landmark international ruling, Duterte has steadfastly refused to criticise his big neighbour. So far, his handling of relations with China has gained him the approval of most Filipinos.

Duterte's drug war in the Philippines is out of control, he needs to be stopped
Robert Muggah
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However, the bulk of military assistance to the Philippines comes from the United States, with whom Filipinos have had a longstanding close relationship, and whom they count on as an ally. Among 37 nations surveyed by Pew last September, approval of the US was highest in the Philippines. And Trump must be aware that among Asian Americans, Filipinos gave him the highest favourability rating among all surveyed ethnic groups.

All this will come into play on the Asia-Pacific chessboard currently under threat of nuclear war from the "little rocket man" in North Korea. In these circumstances, it should come as no surprise that these "strong men" would sit down to cut some deals " and who cares about human rights anyway?


I would like to thank you for creating the debate that is on everyone's mind. This is actually my second debate. My first isn't even finished! (I now realize all too late I am fighting a troll) But anyway, thank you for posing this interesting question. Since as of right now I don't have access to a library of sources I will make a simple argument to start out.

1. There are other ways.
Although he seems like he should die, he really shouldn't. It puts tremendous strain on the economy, believe it or not, and we could just impeach him. Due to his own stupid actions, he looks like he's about to get the boot anyway. People are already trying to impeach him.

2. He won't do anything.
Politicians. All talk, no action. Although our president seems like a bumbling idiot who doesn't understand that you can't force your next-door neighbor to build a wall for him, he KNOWS most likely it won't work out. He just wants those sweet votes. He's narcissist. He's self-centered. He's aggressive. He probably even has the same mental disorder as Hitler. But he understands nuking your neighbors, and provoking war isn't how you get re-elected. (especially when you can't be elected over a nuclear wasteland) He has already shown little action, and all he's really done is fire people in the white house. He'll be gone in two years, so just wait for him to leave.

3. Afore-mentioned strain on economy.
Somebody once hacked the white house and sent out fake news that Obama was dead. The stock market PLUMMETED in just the small amount of time before it was removed. Also it weakens country moral and makes it seem acceptable to just kill the president, which could result in anarchy down the line. It's in our own interests to just let him live.

He might be stupid, but he's harmless. Obnoxious, stupid, but harmless. He'll be gone soon enough, so just either impeach him (which sets the GOOD precedent of impeaching idiots) or wait.
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Posted by Pro_Arguer 3 years ago
WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA! The death penalty should only be put on people that have done serious wrongdoings. Has Trump? NO! He has helped the economy, has ISIS on the run, and is establishing and re-establishing connections with other countries. But, everyone has their wrongdoings, and President Trump is definitely not an exception. However, whatever he has done won't be enough for him to even get impeached, let alone killed.
Posted by Smooosh 3 years ago
I'd love to watch him choke on a chicken bone.
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
At first I thought no, but then net neutrality was over turned, and now i'm thinking perhaps.
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