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Should US Foreign Aid Be increased

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Started: 11/17/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Foreign aid the US sends to developing countries significantly helps them grow, but more importantly, it keeps the US safe and in control.

The US Spends a huge amount of money on defence, with good reason, but a cheaper alternative to at least some of the defence budget is to win friends and influence people with foreign aid. We can threaten to withhold money if laws that hurt us our passed, we can beef up the military of middle eastern countries, so they can beat up potential terrorists, and we can keep failing countries afloat so that they do not end up like the middle east, a chaotic breading-ground for terrorists. By doing this prudently the US could significantly decrees the neccesary defence buget and and come out with a net gain.


these countries could be as powerful as america if they cut taxes, provide privat property and get involved with world markets. "There's zero evidence that any of these foreign aid programs have had any effect on development, whether it's in the Middle East or Africa or South America
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Its true that there is little solid evidence that it actualy helps a country develop but that was not my argument. You are right that the biggest steps twoards develpoment must be made by the country in question but if a country has no funds and a failing government, there is no way they can start to make the changes that would help them advance. If they are given funds than they can start to make steps in the right direction. If we just let them fall apprt entirely, than like I said, a breeding-ground for terrorists.
But giving money to failing contries is only part of the motivation for foriegn aid. By helping the militarys of countries that contain terrorist groups we can start to eliminate that threat in a less intrusive and more effective way than the war on terror. The truth of this can be seen from the recent fall of ISIL. And we can force smaller countries with functioning goverments to pass laws, or not pass other laws, by threatening to stop foreign aid.
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Posted by pooropinions 2 years ago
The US should not be increasing their Foreign Aid budget because the US should not have to use the money from taxes of their people to help other countries. Private organizations should be the ones that are donating to these countries and supporting them. There has been no evidence to show that the aid provided by the US has helped a foreign country's growth. It has also been proven that the financial aid provided by the US in the development of poorer countries has not increased the quality of life in these countries. It is proven to be more successful for developing economic growth for countries by cutting their taxes, providing private property rights and getting involved in global markets instead of foreign aid. This issue is up to these countries to decide how to approach their economic struggle and not the US's. Less government control of their citizens is proven to increase citizens income. Very few countries receive aid and even if you increase the US's budget, not enough countries could receive aid to make a significant impact. In conclusion, I do not believe foreign aid provides a significant impact on poorer countries and I do not believe that this is the US's problem anyway.
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