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Should We Ban Guns?

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Started: 11/9/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 hours ago Status: Debating Period
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I do not believe in any more limitations or restrictions on guns than we do have now. We need to maintain our second amendment right for 2 reasons, Protection from internal threats such as robbers, Other people, Etc. And from domestic threats, Or from tyrannical governments. I would love to hear why you would like to strip us of a fundamental protection right, Your vindication or justification for it, And I have done some debates on here before and I have learned people don't really assert their opinion or find common ground. They just go off on their own personal agenda, Therefore I will ask you to try to comment on why my points are wrong, Why you are right, Etc. I will basically let you start off the argument with what you believe in gun restrictions, Etc. Thank you.


More people probable die in car accidents than shootings. People have the right to defend themselves. If someone is not a felon, And is mentally healthy, They have the right to be a gun owner. Why should the government be armed, And civilians not? That would be an inbalance of power. Like it or not, The right to gun ownership is in the Second Amendment. I understand a few restrictions, But a ban would be unconstitutional. I woulso like to add that where does it stop? Banning cars to prevent care accidents? How about banning knives to prevent stabbings. You may or may not correctly point out the recent shootings. While I think they are unfortunite, Just keeping mental patients away from guns should be a fair comprise. But don't ban guns for mentally stable people.
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Posted by vi_spex 3 days ago
Your constitution is BS
Posted by backwardseden 3 days ago
Guns are a mindset. It is a medical problem. You have to get people in the right frame of mind. But with Trump, The worst president of all time, Duh, Who is so in love with himself, In the big white barn and republicans who are willing to do absolutely nothing and believes that shattering guts on pavements of the streets, Especially of children is not nearly as important as their careers, That ain't gonna happen.
But echoing Sonofcharl. . . Guns do give people that feeling of that He-Man "I am the power" and it squashes the little man inside and next to him. He is very correct in everything he stated. To add onto it in why all guns, I know need to go to the scrap pile, 22-23 vets per day use guns to commit suicide. What a pretty sight, Huh? There's no help for them.
Regardless, That 2nd amendment that people seem to hold so bright and dear? Two things. . . 1. As stated its not so bright when a bullet is being put in front of your brain in comparison to this piece of paper which can and will be torn up. 2. Why? In less than 5 years guns will become so advanced that those rights, The second amendment or whatever will forcibly have to be written. Right now AS AN EXAMPLE people are building 3D printer guns in their basements with absolutely no laws, None to curtail them. What do you think is going to happen in 5 years or less?
So you've got to get people in the right frame of mind and knock off with this nonsense. Let's be ---real--- honest here, There can be no worldwide peace with guns or weapons of superior firepower floating around in it. Of course other things need to happen as well. Sure for starters do what Australia did, Do a mandatory buy back. Or don't even make it mandatory. Do it willingly. See how many would give up their guns willingly. Offer a decent price and I betcha millions will.
Posted by realdanieldancuta 3 days ago
I would ask you to tell me what you would do about guns in America before I comment on what you said, But by the way, You can join the debate. . .
Posted by Sonofcharl 3 days ago
Put a loaded gun in a persons hands and their psychological state immediately alters. Confidence heightens but oddly, Mental stability decreases resulting in a marked diminishment of rationality. Control and management of a firearm in a stressful situation is a skill that very few people can fully master. We are constantly reminded of this type of psychological breakdown, Not just in ordinary citizens but also ex-military personal and law enforcement officers too.
Guns are remote and easy to use killing devices and never 100% safe in the best trained pair of hands. Make guns readily available to any old Joe Public and there is a 100% certainty that there will eventually be tragic consequences. The evidence is undeniable.
The right to bear arms is an archaic amendment, That is not only rife with ambiguity but also totally irrelevant in todays society.
The trouble is though we're also talking about a $40billion-plus industry here and at the end of the day it's always money and not lives that are of primary consideration.
Posted by backwardseden 3 days ago
330 million guns in the country, Is clear demonstration that being well armed as a society does not equate to being safe in a broader sense.
This makes for a strong argument that the Second Amendment is a failed amendment " a hopelessly entrenched piece of legislation that has continually fallen short of its expectations and has contributed more to depriving Americans of the rights of life, Liberty, And the pursuit of happiness than to protecting those same rights. "

* The New York Observer "A Public Health Approach and a Call to Action to End Gun Violence"
"Unintentional firearm injuries steal the life of a child under the age of 15 every six days, Typically involving a friend or a sibling. And guns play a significant role in domestic violence and violence against women. Over the past 25 years, More intimate partner homicides in the U. S. Have been committed with guns than with all other weapons combined. "
"Of the 216 daily victims of gun violence who survive, 43 were shot unintentionally, Including an average of eight children and teens. Nevertheless, One-third of homes with children in America have guns and nearly 1. 7 million children live in a home with an unlocked and loaded gun. "

* Huffington Post "ISIS And The NRA: Similarities Abound"
- Institutionally, Both organizations are remorseless about the deaths of victims
- Both use fear and intimidation to obtain their objectives
- Both assume their ideology is superior to the wishes of the majority of citizens
- Both have intensely loyal followers
- Both recruit and indoctrinate members who are ignorant of the basic facts
- Neither organization will apologize for the harm they cause
Posted by backwardseden 3 days ago
1. What makes you so cocksure that you are right that you would put yourself to take bullets before this so-called right to bear arms? 2. Since you obviously wouldn't, And neither would anyone else, Except for only the extremely psychotic, Then you in no possible way can stand up for guns and the right to bear arms. Makes sense? OK ready?
* The Huffington Post "Amend The Second Amendment To End Gun Violence"
"Last year the Violence Policy Center found that a gun owner is 32 times more likely to use their weapon in criminal homicide rather than in self-defense. Usually the first reason a gun advocate says there is a need to own guns is the self-protection myth. Now that that myth has been debunked and it has been proven that justifiable homicides are rare, We must move past the old self-defense narrative and think with clearer heads when discussing gun ownership. "

* Huffington Post "The Second Amendment"
"Saying that Americans have "a fundamental right to bear arms" is not accurate. The work of our Founding Fathers gave Americans the privilege to bear arms. Unfortunately, Many people use the word "right", When in reality they are speaking of a "privilege". "

* Salon "The failure of the Second Amendment: Our founders got this one wrong in every respect"
"However, The question remains as to whether or not this aged bit of legislation has actually accomplished its goal. Have militias effectively contributed to the defense of the nation and has a freely armed private population made America fundamentally safer and more secure society where life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness exist by virtue of a well-armed populace? "
"The fact that the United States has and continues experience staggering levels of gun-related deaths, Despite presently having well over 330 million guns in the country, Is clear demonstration that being well armed as a society does not equate to being safe in a broader sense.
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