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Should Western powers send in ground/sea forces to combat piracy in East Africa?

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Started: 7/5/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I am of the strong belief that the best way to tackle piracy on Africa's East Coast is to provide training for the armed forces of nations such as Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania and try to pursue stable governments in these countries.

I am opening this debate to anyone who wishes to counter my view, whether they believe that military action from US/UK etc. is needed or another alternative could be used.


Thank you for opening this topic to a debate. I'll jump right into it.

I believe that militant forces such as Royal Marines and other NATO-led anti-piracy forces should be available as an option for naval vessels. In other words, these forces should be available per request.

Firstly, there are other methods than using combatant forces to counter piracy, and many have already shown success in East Africa (1). These, along with ground/sea forces, should be made available for any ship that wishes to utilize it. Perhaps for example, a shipping company paying for these anti-piracy services. The transaction that allows the acquiring of said services would be negotiable like any other deal.

By allowing for private enterprise or sole individuals to utilize these services per desire, the outcome would likely positively impact the entire region. Others protecting waters in their proximity creates a safe network of protected waters, deterring piracy from those waters.

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