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Should a fully virtual (online) education program be considered for students in grades K-12?

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Started: 10/26/2016 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I would like everyone's honest opinions. I am doing this for research so I would not be opposed to you saying if you are a student, parent, teacher, etc. I am not on either side but as a student I think virtual school would be fun if there are still hands on activities. I am not saying what my teacher(s) tell me to, but as my own person curious about what people think. Just to be clear I am not yes or no to this subject but in between.


I do not think that fully virtual education will work. It can supplement the standard education but it should not replace it. They're many advantages that standard education has. When you have a teacher, you can ask for help more easily. Just raise your hand and go. This is more complicated in a virtual system. You also do not have the same relationship as a normal student and teacher. Virtual education does have it's advantages such as less resources required on paper and the ease of access. I think it is best if we use virtual education together with standard education to have the best of both worlds and nullify the disadvantages of both.
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Posted by Istenstrom 2 years ago
This is a debate, to answer TheRussians question but this will also go into a paper I will be writing.
Posted by TheRussian 2 years ago
So is this actually a debate or just a forum kind of thing?
Posted by citylight 2 years ago
I am a online student, have been all high school and it's really nice.
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