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Should abortion be allowed?

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Started: 1/12/2018 Category: Politics
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Abortion should not be legal. It is murder, has long term affects, and can cause PTSD for doctors.


I think that abortion should be allowed. Think about it. If it is murder, then what happens to the people who were raped? It is like killing their soul. If you get pregnant after being raped, wouldn't you want to DESTROY that thing that was made with the creature that "killed" you? You should try to put yourself into the shoes of someone else. Because not everyone is cruel and evil enough to kill people. If abortion was not allowed, then everyone might have multiple children, and the world would be overpopulated. Then, we might HAVE TO remove certain people. Or can you think of a solution to overpopulation?
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My opponent starts by bringing up the argument that if people are raped, then they have a right to commit abortion. This is not true. Their are other things that you can do with the baby instead of killing it. For example you can send it to the adoption center. Research shows that 52% of kids who are put up for adoption get adopted each year. When the baby eventually gets adopted they can be raised and live a good life. This solution is so much better than murdering the baby right off.
My opponent then states that the mom gets to kill the baby as justice for being raped. Justice to who? It's not the baby's fault. The baby did not do anything to deserve to be killed. If there is anyone who needs to be killed it is the raper. Not the baby.
My opponents then says that the world will be overpopulated without abortion. First of all this is not a good argument because then any murder would be justified. A murderer can walk up and stab anyone and justify it by saying that he preventing over population of this earth. How is this different from killing a baby to prevent over population? It isn't. Murder is murder no matter who you do it to.
Now to my arguments. First, abortion can have negative long term affects. It can result in things like depression, increased chance of breast cancer, pelvic infections, and suicidal thoughts. Even though abortion might seem right in the short term circumstance, there are guaranteed harms that will result later.
My second argument is that abortion causes PTSD for doctors. Many doctors every day are assigned to assist a woman in abortion. If they refuse, they lose their job. It is as simple as that. If they don't refuse, and do the abortion, there have been many cases in which doctors have suffered from PTSD from killing a baby. Abortion not only harms the child, but doctors as well.
My third argument is that abortion is murder. If we say that murdering an innocent person is wrong, then how is murdering an innocent baby right?
In conclusion abortion should not be allowed. There are better alternative solutions, it is wrong to the baby, the parent and doctors, and their are guaranteed harms in the long run. If you were a baby, would you want to be murdered?
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