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Should abortion be legal?

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Started: 3/8/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I am mainly against abortion. To clarify, I believe in abortion when health issues are prominent. If the mother can not have the baby or both of them die, etc, it should be her choice! I believe that abortion in the cases of rape should be the woman's choice. While I think it should be her choice I have entitled an opinion, I would personally at least give birth to the baby than give it up for adoption *If I didn't want it*. I do not believe that you should be allowed to kill a baby because you made a mistake! Rape is 0.1 percent of all abortions and health issues is below 5%. almost 2.5 billion babies have been murdered since 1980! One of those babies could be the next Ellon Musk, Steve Jobs, or Oprah, whoever! I am pro-choice, you have many choices; Abstinence, contraception, adoption, motherhood. Not murder! It is murder. Ending someone's life just as it's beginning is killing him/her. It is a terrible thing to do. If you take a pill or injection or whatever to prevent you from becoming pregnant that is different. The baby is never forming, or becoming more mature, but once it is in the womb, especially after a few weeks, it can feel, it has a small human body, it has a heartbeat! And you want to stop that heartbeat! Are 10 months worth it to give someone an entire life? Yes. They may have been a "mistake", or you may not be ready, or maybe you just plain don't want kids! That's ok. But killing a baby because of it is not ok. Give birth, then give it up for adoption, or if you want him to keep him! I'm pro-life, your pro-murder.
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