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Should abortion be legal?

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Started: 6/4/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. I say yes. I am prochoice. I don't believe a fetus is a baby until it has brainwaves. That is hoiw you tell someone is alive.


Hello YeshuaBought.
I am willing to accept this debate.

I am just posting acceptance this round as I am unsure as to whether or not I was supposed to start my arguments.

Good luck,
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Posted by JeffreyMcInally 3 years ago
wow, won on the first round and didn't even post any arguments.
Posted by 2Simpleender 3 years ago
The Pro-Choice Liberal Democrat demands that it is the RESPONSIBILITY of responsible American taXpayers to pay for the seXual adventures, pleasures and the seXual joys and raptures of someone else.

It is not Your or My responsible to provide funds for the seXual adventures of others.
Me having seX is not Your financial burden. - 99 % of all abortions are not being performed to protect the health of mothers and not performed due to rape or birth complications. They are mostly performed because someone wanted to have a seXual encounter and were not financially able to afford the seXual bill and fee. Having seX is not free and it is not Donald Trump's place to put a gun to another Americans head or rip / seize funds from their bank account to pay for me or You to have seX.

SAVE YOUR OWN MONEY. Wait to have seX and pay the fee, price and fund Your own seXual pleasures, raptures and joys.

It is not my financial burden to pay the bills, tolls, and the cost, created by the woman herself making the PERSONAL CHOICE to inject, spurt and spue the seed into her own vaginal organ, spraying the seed up deep, deep into her own womb all by herself. ALONE. But the Pro-Choice Democrat Party eXpects all of their unlimited abortions paid - And it is stealing from responsible people who are saving money, waiting, sacrificing and abstaining from unprotected seXual activity and many all seXual activity, until they can save, get married and save some more money and then raise their own family.

The Pro Choice Democrat Party are not pro-Choice - They are thieves and they are murdering their babies by the billions, while they rape our bank accounts and party themselves into a brain dead dope hole that they never are eXpected to realize or acknowledge or reimburse, as long as Barrack Oboma covers them with a threat of violence if we don't open up our wallets and bank accounts and hand every single last penny it takes to keep the party rolling.
Posted by Myloe 3 years ago
Abortion should be legal only up until the point when the baby is considered both medically and by law a human being. From that point on the woman has no right to take the baby's life away because it's not her life to take, and because that baby also belongs to the father.
Unless you have an argument as why it's ok to take away the life of someone who is no different in any way shape or form than a full grown human being.
Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
Is Pregnancy Abortion an admission to a crime or a public accusation?

Does the legislation of Pregnancy abortion unite all woman young and old under one crime?

Since when does a question about any official end ever matter if a start has never taken place?

Again a Pregnancy termination is an admission to a crime and is not the natural united states that all woman share with the general principle of pregnancy?

Why are you asking all woman to admit to a crime as a woman? Why should a self-incrimination of all woman be made into law? Do you not feel this fabricates the act of discrimination by legislation?

Are you saying as woman, you along with all others can prove Pregnancy abortion is not a admission to a crime?

Please do.
Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
The state which you are describing to debate abortion, is a description to a crime. The issue as a legislated law is it offers not impartial view of the possibilities the general welfare of all woman face. A debate on the topic might be best served by addressing the question why must all woman by law self-incriminate to a crime under any condition?

As the position of abortion is supported by a large proportion of woman in the general welfare of a nation. The question unite all woman as a single state under a category of Prasedera, a word created to describe a woman who sits for the future of all woman before the United States Constitution. Why must all woman make an admission to a crime by legislated law? As the question is directed by crime held in a united State it is asking if all woman are guilty or innocent which is in fact a known lie.
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