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Should abortion be legal?

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Started: 1/21/2019 Category: Politics
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Which side I am in and what I will explain:

Brief introduction:

I am for abortion and I objectively recognise that it should it be legal and regulated. In the post, I am going to explain rationally on why abortion is NOT a form of murder and why it should be legal. I will also demonstrate the term limits of abortion, One of the circumstances of abortion (which is rape) and the regulation. In the first few paragraphs, I will show the context of abortion (politics and religion). Then I will fully explain my rational stance on abortion.


In many cultures and religions, A lot of people may see abortion as "wrong" and "murder". Therefore countries, Especially but mostly less developed countries have restricted abortions. In more serious cases, Few countries such as El Salvador have banned abortions completely. Not only backward countries ban and/or restrict abortions, But also restrict contraception, Ban miscarriages and not providing adequate sex education. This is a big problem when it comes to women's rights, Quality of life and reproductive rights.

The absurd influence in the government has come mostly from religion, Especially the Catholic church.

Now, I am going to rationally justify my rational stance on abortion. Abortion is NOT murder, And so it is NOT homicide either. The reason why abortion is NOT murder is that the fetus is not a person. Of course, The fetus is biologically and physically and genetically a human. HOWEVER, Until the fetus is born after the full and/or the adequate development of pregnancy, The fetus is NOT psychologically, Intellectually, Cognitively and emotionally a human.

The reason why the fetus is NOT psychologically, Intellectually, Cognitively and emotionally a human is that the nervous system of the fetus is NOT fully and/or adequately developed enough in order for the nervous system to be ready and enable the human psychology at birth.

The human psychology is the dominant criteria, Requirement and category in order for a fetus to become a person at birth (NOTE that once the fetus is born, It is NO longer a fetus but a baby and a person). The person (regardless of age and development) has an ability to think, Learn, Feel emotions and have an awareness, Unlike the fetus.

So this concludes that as the fetus has NO human psychology, Therefore it has pure NOTHING, It has no knowledge, No formal name, No identity, No desires, No medical records, No criminal records, No possessions, No life experience, No opinions, No thoughts, No education, No awareness, No feelings and the list goes on.

Also, The fetus doesn't have the birth certificate and it will never have one until it is born after the full and/or adequate development of pregnancy.

I will also point out the difference between a person and a human. A human means relating to the characteristic of a humankind (in other words, The human anatomy and the structure of a human body). A person, On the other hand, Means that a human being is regarded as an INDIVIDUAL.

HOWEVER, The word human can also be another term for a person, BUT that is the other definition of a human. A person is NOT about the human body, But instead, It is ONLY about the regard if the human being is an individual.

So in the context of regarding people as individuals, A person and a human are completely different.

Since a fetus is NOT a person and an individual, Therefore, It also concludes that abortion is NOT murder and NOT homicide either because murder and homicide ONLY apply to the killing of the person.

I will also point out the actual difference between a baby and a fetus. A fetus is a human form of an embryo and MOSTLY has no human qualities at all (as I mentioned earlier). A baby, On the other hand, Is an infant individual and a person, Which the psychology of the baby is activated at birth after the full and/or the adequate fetal development.

What I really DO NOT LIKE pro-life fanatics doing is comparing a baby to a fetus and using a baby as a term for a fetus.

Honestly, A baby is also a moral and an informal slang for a fetus. However, A fetus CANNOT be scientifically and logically and formally be classified and considered as a baby (as I mentioned the exact difference between a fetus and a baby before).

The absurd use of a term baby for the false labelling of the fetus is one of the factors of the pro-life and anti-abortion argument getting stronger.

The other issue of the pro-life and the anti-abortion argument is that certain people use false and absurd claims and excuses opposing abortion. For example, Some pro-lifers claim that "once a fetus has a heartbeat, It has emotions". That one example right there is ridiculous and false. A heartbeat has NOTHING to do with the human psychology and its ONLY a biological function of a heart. An emotion, On the other hand, Is the psychological function of the person. A heartbeat does nothing but pumps blood for oxygenating blood (in other words, Replacing used oxygen into fresh oxygen in blood cells), So, Therefore, The heartbeat is ONLY a biological function, But NOT a psychological function.

Just because a fetus has a human anatomy and appearance in a certain stage of pregnancy, Just because it has a potential to become a person by birth, Just because it has a separate DNA, Just because the fetus is the separate body and just because you may see gory particles during the abortion procedure, IT DOES NOT MEAN that abortion is "murder" and "homicide".

Since the fetus has NO human psychology, Then it concludes that the fetus absolutely CANNOT respond to, Experience and feel any harm.

So abortion does NO harm at all while the fetus has NO human psychology, As long the nervous system is not developed enough, As long the fetal development is not full and/or adequate and as long abortions are performed safely, Hygienically and properly.

The fact that the fetus has NO human psychology also concludes that life DOES NOT begin at conception BUT, Life only begins at birth because life is defined as the existence of an individual person. Age is the time length of the individual person's life, Life begins from age 0 until the age of death, So in other words, Age shows of how long the person lives or have lived for.

I will now move on to the topic of term limits of abortion (in other words, Time limits of abortion).

As I mentioned in my second blog expressing my liberal and conservative views, I support abortion on request/demand until the 12th week of pregnancy, BUT I also support abortion until the 24th week of pregnancy only in severe cases (such as rape, Incest, Mental health issues, Birth defect/severe disability of a fetus, General health issues and the risk to the life of a pregnant woman etc. ).

The rational reason why I support term limits of abortion is not just because of the chance of the fetus being born and becoming a person, BUT it is also because of the level of difficulty of the abortion procedure.

The later the pregnancy and the fetal development is, The more difficult the procedure of abortion is. So, Therefore, The difficulty of the abortion procedure may correlate the chance of the fetus being born and becoming a person because more late abortions may have a higher risk of failed abortions.

In order for a gynaecologist and an abortionist to avoid failed abortions more effectively during the procedure, The gynaecologist and the abortionist must be more skilled, Trained and careful on how to perform a late-term abortion successfully.

How can a gynaecologist and an abortionist avoid failed abortions more effectively and perform late-term abortions more successfully is to use appropriate, Correct and proper abortion method depending in the stage of fetal development and the stage of pregnancy.

For example, The medical abortion (abortion pill) may be suitable and work effectively for early-term abortions. The surgical abortion (vacuum and other surgical forms) on the other hand, May be suitable and work effectively for mid-term and late-term abortions.

The reason why I support abortion until the 24th week of pregnancy for cases of rape as well, Because, There are rape victims out there which may experience a mental health issue (in other words psychological harm) due to the trauma from rape, Drug abuse, Alcoholism and other issues, Which may lead the rape victims to miss out abortions within the whole 12 weeks due to the struggle to decide for an abortion. Therefore, Abortion until the 24th week of pregnancy is a catch-up and a fair chance for rape victims, Especially the ones who experience mental health issues.

Now I will move on to the topic of regulation.

In terms of regulation, Abortions should and must be regulated by providing safest abortion procedures, Providing information and sex education covering the topic of abortion and training gynaecologists and abortionists on how to perform an abortion properly, Safely and successfully.

I have now already explained and covered the term limits, Abortions for the cases of rape and the regulation. BUT, I would like to point out more about the subject of abortion.

I would like to point out that there are some pro-lifers out there that they are literally like creationists because some of them even show the personification of the fetus when they promote their moral beliefs and even emotive claims. That is ridiculous because the fetus is NOT a person. Since the personification of the fetus doesn't make any sense and is also NOT realistic, Then the personification of the fetus can be a form of creationism.

I have explained everything about abortion objectively and crystal clear.


Hi AwesomePolishKid, I am eager to get started! Let's have a logical and respectful debate to get to the bottom of this controversial issue!

That being said, Let's jump in.

First off, I am not for banning abortion; I am for strictly regulating abortion. Banning abortion is not a definitive solution to this complex problem, And could seriously harm those who seek out illegal abortions. Of course, With proper wiggle room concerning unusual situations procedures that call for additional abortion procedures, I think that it would be best for the Government to impose strict regulations regarding the number of abortions a woman can undergo. I believe that abortion should be tightly regulated by the Government, And investigators and juries who decide if an abortion is:
(A) Necessary
(B) Justifiable

Abortion, At least right now, Is not a constitutional practice. The Government is bound by LAW, To protect the life, Liberty, And pursuit of happiness of the American people. By allowing women to abort their unborn children (fetuses, ) freely, The Government is NOT protecting the UNDENIABLE right to LIFE.

You have explained why you believe a fetus is not a human. I will now explain why this belief is not entirely logical.
You said; "The reason why the fetus is NOT psychologically, Intellectually, Cognitively and emotionally a human is that the nervous system of the fetus is NOT fully and/or adequately developed enough in order for the nervous system to be ready and enable the human psychology at birth. "

Based on this statement, And the assumption that a functioning "human psychology" is what makes people human, I can confidently conclude that if a person does not have an adequately functioning or developed nervous system, They are NOT humans. People (things) who have disorders that stop the development of the nervous system, And people (things) who are in comas, Are not humans. Because these things are not humans, Then their family can decide to terminate them for personal convenience. If these people (things) are still living, But do not have adequate nervous system function, Or psychology, Can we strip them their biological identity, Something that determines if they are humans? I believe this to be an extremely dangerous idea, One that could enable guardians and family members to terminate the life of a related living biological human, Arbitrarily. (Let's say that on a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), A person, Who does not have active psychology, Has a GCS score of 8 or less, And has a highly remote chance of recovery; 1% or less. Is this "vegetable, " although not psychologically, Intellectually, Cognitively and emotionally capable, A human? Does this "thing" have a right to live? If I am this person's guardian and have complete medical control over him, Should I be able to shoot or stab this thing because it is an inconvenience to me? Maybe you think so, Perhaps you don't. I certainly do not. )

I think that life starts at fertilization. This is where life begins. This is where just about all life has begun. This is where human sperm cells and human eggs form what we define as a human. This is an unrefutable fact. If the resulting fetus is healthy, It will become a human being. It cannot become anything else. It is what we can refer to as potential life, Potential human life. Fetuses are biologically human, And the constitution entitles humans with the UNDENIABLE right to Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit of Happiness. By killing an unborn forming human, We violate this right. We are effectively barring these potential human lives, (PHLs), To the right to live. These fetuses are very much alive.

Whether fetuses have a functioning nervous system or not does not make them inhuman. By saying that these fetuses are not yet human because they do not have a functioning nervous system is not logical. First of all, These fetuses, If healthy and regular, Will develop a nervous system, Psychology, And most importantly, A continuous sense of "self. " (I believe that both a continuous concept of "self, " and the ability to communicate in a sophisticated way are what define a human. ) We strip these PHLs of this possible development, Saying that if they do not possess these attributes at fertilization, They have no right to live until they do. This is an illogical and idiotic way of ascertaining a fetuses right to life.

If we follow this "illogical notion of logic, " can a mother do things to harm their growing fetuses, Such as consuming alcohol or drugs? Yes, Doing this puts the fetus in danger, But the fetus has no right to live at all! Mothers could engage in these horrific acts that will most likely damage the fetus without repercussions; these fetuses are supposedly NOT humans, But an object that is controlled by a woman, Part of a woman's body, Until they develop a functioning nervous system. Fetuses, EVEN if not yet considered human, CANNOT be subjected to this cruel and apathetic situation. Period.

I think that victims of rape should be allowed up to, But not limited to two abortions by the Government. Women who are too lazy to use general and easily accessible birth control should typically only be allowed one abortion. This will help prevent the potential proliferation of illegal abortions while protecting unborn humans right to life. It is not constitutional to deny a PHL the right to live. While arbitrary abortions may not be conventional "murder, " it is not justifiable or constitutional. (Arbitrary meaning that the fetus is healthy, But its carrier is not willing to birth the child. These children can be adopted instead, But not terminated for convenience, At least usually not more than once for emergencies. )

From the moment a fetus is fertilized, It begins a journey. A journey to create an identity, A mission to form as an anatomical human. It does not start this journey as an object or "blob. " From fertilization, It begins a purpose as a human, To continue to build upon its existing identity, As a human. Abortion detracts from the fact that a fetus is a human, Perhaps not a fully conscious one yet, But a biologically human being. It is not logical to argue that because a developing fetus has not reached a certain level of anatomical maturity, It is not human. We must embrace that a fetus is a life, A potential human being. Abortion blurs the importance of recognizing the right to live as a fetus. There is no definitive solution to abortion as of yet but allowing the unrestricted extermination of human lives is unacceptable.

Life does not begin at birth. It cannot. Life begins at conception and continues until death. We count the years we live after birth, But it is important to remember that unless we have all lived as fetuses, We cannot live as what you would define as humans.
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WHY DO YOut you refuse to answer U KEEP FORFEITING? I've given you two chances to respond, But you continue to forfeit. If you think that this is funny, It is NOT. You are very rude and immature. Respond or don't, But you cannot think that anyone will ever take you seriously if continue to conduct yourself this way.
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Politically_Correct 3 years ago
Sources? Most of my argument is logic and opinion based. I have not made many quotes. If you are curious about the coma scale, Just google it. Some ideas I have used are influenced by Ben Shapiro, Multiple college professors who teach philosophy and political science. Otherwise, I don't have any "sources" to cite right now.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
Could both of you use sources?
If not enough space simply add the sources here.
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