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Should abortion be legalized?

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Started: 5/6/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Let's just strip abortion down to it's bones. What are we doing? Well, we are killing a baby, there is nothing more to it, you will get the argument that it is just a "blob" of tissue, this is dehumanizing an unborn baby and trying to make the women fell better about killing her undeveloped child does this mean that an unripe apple has another name? No it is still called a apple, therefore meaning that the "blob" can only be labelled as a baby. When you think about it birth is just a change in location from inside the womb to outside the womb, the baby does not magically develop during this period of time, so why is it social acceptable to kill a baby in the womb and call it abortion but outside the womb it's first degree murder and results in time in prison. Therefore meaning the abortion is breaking the law and should never be preformed under any circumstance except if the baby has a zero percent chance of survival


I believe everyone understands that abortion is murder and it is wrong but the challenge you have issued is,"Should it be legalized" I am a conservative and anti abortion but I like democracy and when the majority of a country, want a right or freedom, even if I personally disagree with it, then they should be allowed their guilty pleasure. If we only allow people to do what is morally right then we would be living in a country where the majority was or had been in jail and the remaining devoutly religious who never gave in to sinful temptation. So to answer your question, Yes abortion should be legalized because that is what the people want and who are we to prevent people from living the way they choose.
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Posted by Halo13 3 years ago
I think abortion should be legalized.

If a fairly young woman becomes pregnant, and is without the means to care for a child, what could she do? And if birthing a child comes with health risks, if she could die from giving birth to him or her, is it worth it? If she is raped, is she forced to have the child she never asked for?

I'm thirteen years old, and being put in this situation would be terrifying if I were, say, eighteen. I knew this much without researching, and it astounds me that a woman won't be given a choice in this matter if she were in any of these situations.
Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
Keep in mind a confession to a crime can be legislated as legal while the crime which is confessed is still a crime.
Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
Abortion describes a self-incrimination to a felony crime which is never enforced due to the lack of confidence a conviction can be obtained. Why are all woman being asked to confess to a crime that may, or may not take place? On top of this is why is the admission of guilt ignored by law enforcement?
Abort or abortion can only take place if a start has been officially recognized. If there is a denial,
question, or doubt of the process of pregnancy ever being started then that fact should be made clear.

The comparison is in the choice of confession a woman is making, female specific amputation does not share the self-incrimination made with abortion directly with the voter. Which would have meant that a person"s vote or licensing by state would have never been placed in the position of question.
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
You want law enforcement to regulate healthcare?
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