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Should abortion outside of medical need be legal?

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Started: 6/6/2018 Category: Politics
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After doing some research on the fetus, I am prolife. I believe life begins at conception or the formation of the zygote, and will try to prove it here using myself as an example. I am not a conservative Republican, but a centrist social democrat. I think we Democrats who are supposed to be about social justice can do better than killing our unborn people. I am a strong supporter of I want to explain that 1 in 3 Democrats is prolife. Anywhoo, to prove the hunanity of the fetus. I am genetically the same now as I was as a zygote, and take personal offense to those who say it should be legal to kill me. I had a beating heart 18 days after conception, brainwaves 6 and 1/2 weeks after. At 8 weeks, my frontal and back brain began to develope. At 20 weeks, I could feel pain, and was viable at 30 weeks back in the 1980s. How was I not a human. Women who don't want children have 3 options, sterilization, birth control, or abstinance. This is my body, and my right to choose. Show me one study PROVING I was part of my mother's body before such and such point, and I will fund one abortion., I have science on my side, do you?


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Don't be shy, share yourt thoughts. I am against most abortions because life begins at conception when the zygote has his genetic code, and abortion kills an unborn human being. My arguments are multifold. How would you feel if someone said you have no right to live. This is not death with dignity where people are choosing to die, in abortion, someone is forced to die. I do think exception should be made for medical need, but otherwise the baby has the right to live. I have been told I don't get to make decisions for other women (I'm a woman), but what is abortion but the mother making a death decision for her baby? If a woman does not want a baby, she can use birth control, have her tubes removed, or don't have sex. Having survived two rapes, I emphathized with pregnant rap victims, but think we should fight for her right to choose adoiption without her rapists' consent, instead of telling them to "get rid of it" scaring them for life. This is not religion, this is science and politics.
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