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Should airplanes have an visible armed officer(Fire marshal) on board?

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Started: 12/19/2016 Category: Places-Travel
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I would like to start off this debate by defining a Fire Marshal. A Fire Marshal is different from an Air Marshal. Back in the 1970s, Fire Marshals were armed officers who wore their uniforms on a plane. They were stationed their for the travelers protection. The difference between Fire Marshals and Air Marshals was the fact that the Fire Marshals were trained in the technology and inner workings of the plane. They were knowledgeable in how to pilot the plane in dire situations. Unlike Air Marshals, Fire Marshals were trained to disarm bombs if any terrorists brought one on board and in hand to hand combat.


OK I would like to start by refuting your points, then introducing my own points.
If a terrorist plans to plant a bomb or hijack a plane it is most likely that the terrorist is just as highly trained and armed with a weapon and works together in a group so in the rare event that a terrorist attempts to hijack a plane, the terrorist will most likely overpower the Fire Marshal.

Now I will state my own points
A highly trained Fire marshal would be very expensive to hire
The government simply doesn't have the money on hiring Fire marshals.
After the 9/11 event, all american airports was drastically improved with armed guards, security cameras, metal detectors,etc
Its almost impossible for a terrorist to get aboard with a weapon. While a group of terrorist can take the fire marshals weapon and hijacking would be easier for terrorist, so fire marshals would be a complete waste of money.

Now for my second point
Fire marshals would be useless
The fire marshal`s job on the plane is to protect the passengers but terrorist can and will take hostages so that fire marshals cant do anything about it. Having a Fire Marshal instead of helping protect people, its putting more risk on the passengers.
Debate Round No. 1


First off, you've basically restated your first point by saying they are useless in your second. You say the terrorist, or anyone who is a threat to the passengers, would take down the marshal with ease and high jack the plane. Yes this may be true, but a pilot can't fly the plane if he's got a knife to his throat. But the objection misses the mark because no one is necessarily saying the pilots have to "lead the charge" in disarming a hijacker or terrorist. Allowing planes to have an armed fire marshal is simply a common sense approach to making sure the hijacker or terrorist does not gain control of the plane.

As for money? Well, according to Owners Of Brad Rohdenburg, an American Airlines captain from Meredith, NH, states "There are pilots who have sharpened their belt buckles, screwdrivers, pens, etc., so that they might have a prayer of defending their $30 million jets from guys with box cutters, knives or guns."
In fact, fire marshals aren't incredibly expensive. The hiring price can vary, and the highest so far has been $1,308. Before you say anything, compare that to a $30,000. During 9/11, we lost four planes. That's $120,000 right there, give or take. With that amount of money, we could of hired about 90 fire marshals. It is much better to spend a little over $1,000 for protection than lose $30,000 because a pilot and a few passengers couldn't defend themselves.

That's pathetic. The USA is probably one of the most free countries out there. Yet we have private citizens who must resort to sharpening their belt buckles to defend themselves! Congress and the FAA should stop forcing pilots to resort to such weak methods of self-defense. Especially when there's already people trained in the event of an actually attack. If not, then our nation must be prepared for more planes being used as human missiles.
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Posted by 313233qwe123 2 years ago
Im so srry i was a trip with my family sorry for not being able to reply to you Wolf Spirit
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