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Should all chruches be demolished

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Started: 1/2/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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All churches should be demolished, they are a waste of space


Your being a moron if you didn't know that. Just noting that your being moron.

You start off by saying churches are a waste of space. You said all churches.

"Waste of space" is not good enough because your dealing with the church and it's followers. Thats one reason your being an idiot. Trying to take down a church would be equal to taking down a piece of history.

Oh yeah, churches are part of history aswell. Most churches were made before the 20s. They are also being used in todays modern society.

If we compare a church to a anitque building thats being used for show mostly, churches are being much more useful because they show parts of history and people use those churches. Why instead on picking on churches, pick on sight seeing buildings.

Or you might be suggesting that historical buildings should be taken down aswell.

Or your just being a hater. Though i cannot say yet.

Demolishing churches would have to be considered by the chief of the state since it's a church. Do you really think that churches will be demolished anyway.

Unless your that of a hater that you would try to take down a church illegally.

You are being a moron. fact.

It says right here on this round, it shows that you are a moron.

I am not insaulting you. It's true.

It is fact that you are being a moron on this debate.


1. Pro is being a moron

2. Pro thinks that churches should be destroyed but is that of a moron in this debate that he doesn't realized that they he can't deal with believers.

Pro's comeback prediction (What i think con might say if he ever did say this somehow)

Con arguement focus on that i'm a moron.

Debate Round No. 1


Wow, so much insults and then I'm angry? ha ha, lets ignore the insults for just one second.
Just because something is a part of history doesn't mean it should be preserved, lets compare a similar historical events / group of people whose history was deleted from today's society. The Nazis. Nazis also got a support from the Vatican (Hitler), which is not relevant point for this argument, I'm only stating it because it might be relevant.

There were so many swastika flags hanging around, which were a pat of history, why should they be taken down? also there were a lot of monuments, signatures and graffiti of swastika, why were they taken down if they were a part of our history. We have been taking down a parts of our history for a long time. Today, if anything, churches remind us of child molestation and nothing else. Good historical trademark.

SO MANY PERHAPS "the history" argument isn't as valid as you think. If you value something just because it's old, that's your emotional connection, go deal with it in your own mind and leave everyone else out of it.

--------------------------------------------Churches are against god----------------------------------------------------------------
Churches go against god because they represent everything that Christians speak of, (or at least the bible does), in multiple verses of bible, Jesus speaks against rich people, so do many of his apprentices, churches have become altars filled with gold, everything that Jesus (their big icon) spoke of, so basically churches don't serve their primary purpose any more. They don't help the poor (also Jesus big thing), they take (not forcefully) from the poor, the lack of soul, my god.

--------------------------------They are a reminder of dark past-------------------------------------------------------------
There are so many unspeakable acts that CHRUCH has done during the history, churches only remind us of those days (well maybe only educated people).
Witch burning, inquisition, crusades, genocides, terrorism, dark ages of science, silencing progress of any kind, religious wars....Just one question : What kind of a person would defend so much suffering by letting them continue to slow down progress till this day. We let them use churches for their greed causes 'till this day.

------------------------------------Lets do people a favor----------------------------------------------------------
Lets do something with the spaces that churches take for something much more noble, that's what god want's us to do right?:
-Build houses for the homeless
-Build orphanages
-Build free health clinics
-Build parks for the children to play in
-Build health wellness centers for people that have undergone major surgery
-Build hospitals
OMG so many examples come to mind that i can't explain
Lets use the space for something more noble that we, as a society can use other then only religious people that need to recharge their faith once a week.

-----------------------------------------Churches don't make sense------------------------------------------------------------------
God is everywhere, and yet we need to come to his house. Why?

Dear sir, calling people names only makes you look weak, now turn on your brain and give better arguments then "you are a moron, churches are history"


The Rebuttal

"child molestation"

Do you think that priests molest children. Think again moron, do you know why there are cases of child molesters in churches. Because some child molesters become priests to have easy distance towards children.

You also said that churches remind us of child molesters. They only remind people because there are morons like you. WHo think of such things. Its more likely than saying that the church do it moron.

"They don't help the poor (also Jesus big thing), they take (not forcefully) from the poor"


xBuild houses for the homeless
-Build orphanages
-Build free health clinics
-Build parks for the children to play in
-Build health wellness centers for people that have undergone major surgery
-Build hospitals

Actully, churches takes donations and use it for services such as homeless shelters, soup kitchens and more community esstentials so your wrong about the above moron.

"unspeakable acts that CHRUCH has done during the history"

That is an invalid but true though invalid because those things has gone by us. Exept morons like you.

Church in paris france.
Extracted from wikipedia.

You seriously want to demolish masterpieces don't you. How the f*ck are you gonna take it down anyways. You shouldn't even have to in the first place.

Also your talking about the world here.
There are over 3.7 million christian denominations in the world.
You seriously shouldn't consider down all the churches.

"God is everywhere, and yet we need to come to his house. Why?"

Well christians are are very grateful to their god and Jesus so they made churches to show their appreciation. That's just religion. I am not a christian my self. I myself is an undecided person about religion but im not crazy like you who try to destroy other peoples things.

Wait, just because you can't believe their things doesn't mean you have to destroy their things.

If you talk about Batpist church.They are a bitch to people so we can screw them.

Why your such a moron

Lets do an example of how of a moron you are.

If i was you but i believed in christian i would want to demolish scientific research because im a christian and god will help us so we don't need scientific facilities because we need to make room for religous things.

So you want to demolish peoples religit buildings but what if a phyco cristian want to destroy SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH!

Your a just a jerk and a moron for suggesting that we should destroy peoples things that are used since most churches are used i think. You can look it up.

"Dear sir, calling people names only makes you look weak, now turn on your brain and give better arguments then "

Though it shows that you are a moron. According from your carless ness. You just want to destroy things that you don't like because you said ALL CHURCHES and thats why your a moron.

""you are a moron, churches are history""

Im sorry but that is the most stupid comeback i've ever seen.

You place it out of context and try to make me sound stupid. You are now a true assh*le.

I will copy that base.

"I hate religion, i think i can destroy over 3,000,000 million churches because i don't like church and i think they are molesta. Because i hate christians :D, if i destroy over 3,000,000 churches people will like me :D. Oh yea, church also steal money from poor people i think i think i think :D. Churches also pay for shelter for homeless and make them food so they can get better but that is wong :)"

See thats how re-tarded you sound.

I didn't insault you about being a moron.

It shows right on your profile that you are a moron.

Most of the technology started among china and they believed in religion. Fuc*king idio-t.

Go destroy their buddhist building if you even can. Because your that much of a religion hater because you wish to destroy all churches.

I love to say this but, your the most stupid moron athiest i've seen.

Do you know how much of a f*cking effect it will do if we demolish a used church.

Debate Round No. 2


Two ways things could have gone ;
1. Person runs away from the law by joining the church
2. Priest becomes a pedophile during his life of service, the usual way
In the first occasion, why didn't the church do more research on the guy, and doesn't that person have to go trough a trial before he becomes a priest? He has to be approved by the pope to become a priest, there is a whole ceremony on TV. And lets say that those that run away from the law manage to slip trough the cracks, why did the pope, and read this now, why did the pope send a UNIVERSAL HIDDEN MESSAGE to all churches that all cases of molestations should be silenced and ignored. They protect child molesters, not something a god loving church should be proud of.
Also, people who look at the churches and get reminded of child molestations, are THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS WHO WERE PERSONALLY EFFECTED BY THIS ATROCITY, and yo are going to call those people morons? I derstand that you are an angry man, but HOW DARE YOU

Churches take donations and use them to fond homeless shelters, that is a fact that nobody can dispute, WHOEVER, go a little deeper inside that, how much of those donations does church keep for them self's? Mother Theresa, yes, big famous humanitarian saint, received over 50 000 donation (euros or dollars i don't remember), for her needy that she took care of, and how much do you think went to the Vatican? Every single cent of that, that. Churches are charitable as much as kim kardashian, only !0%.
BTW "That is an invalid but true though invalid because those things has gone by us." English people

And look, you have selected the most wonderful church.....Perhaps we should preserve more majestic once and turn them into a monument, it would be a shame to destroy unique structure when they could serve another purpose. Maybe not even a monument, maybe an opera hall, music concert hall, with that echo inside it would be beautiful would further cultural development in that city and arts. Also 3.7 million churches, holy poop that many, do they really need that many? for a religion that is supposed to be a personal thing, they sure like to build churches that express their domination everywhere.. That is a lot of land aches that could be used for many noble things,also, the amount of donations that churches make doesn't even come close to what could be done with the terrain that churches can be used for.

"Well Christians are are very grateful to their god and Jesus so they made churches to show their appreciation", no, Vatican makes churches so they can get more money, taking from people who were raised christian but never bothered to question their religion. Churches are not "people's things, it's a Vatican thing, it's a corporation building. If churches used any other purpose other then faith recharging, maybe i wouldn't mind. ALSO churches are empty 6 days a week, nobody goes to church any more, only attendance is Sunday, it's a waste of terrain. BTW baptist church can go burn in hell, i agree with you.

If that science research station is useless, that in that position where it stands something more useful could be build, i would be in the first line with that christian to vote to be demolished. Also again yo say "peoples thing", churches are not people property, they are a property of Vatican., and churches are used as much as i said in my previous text.

I think you misunderstood, I'm not attacking religion, I'm attacking churches as structures and their uselessness, I'm attacking what they are used for, and what they were used for and i attack what they represent. I'm not attacking religion, i know that ill fade in time, all of them will, but the structure takes way to much space for purpose it serves

Demolishing a church will provoke citizens and their emotional connection to the subject, most of them would get violent for reasons they do not know, but that's just crazy people doing crazy poop, we have solutions for people like that. IN FACT maybe we could build a mental institution for those people right where the church used to stand, ha? isn't that a great idea and use of that space :)


"why didn't the church do more research on the guy, and doesn't that person have to go trough a trial before he becomes a priest"

Too bad, they trust people that much.

Learn how people become a priest

"I acknowledge that these sexual predators used their position in the diocese to gain by safesaver" href="">access" - Bishop of Newcastle

That should solve cases.

And not all Churches should be demolished.

"They protect child molesters"

That is an opinion.

"how much of those donations does church keep for them self's"

YEAH ownage by above i think. Just got owned by the info above.

"Perhaps we should preserve more majestic once and turn them into a monument"

Its a church. You said you want to destroy all churches. Your a lyer. You make a suggestion that would not happen.

You just make a "turn into a monument" excuse. Its a church made to be a church! You cannot just renames things. Its way more complicated than you think.

"express their domination everywhere"

That is a opinion. Your making things up as they come. 3.7 million is not as much if you compare it against the world.

"the amount of donations that churches make doesn't even come close to what could be done with the terrain that churches can be used for"

That is a another opinion or maybe juat sarcasm.

I still can't agree on the fact that "SHould all churches be demolished" but you pretty much convinced me that churches should be demolished.


You said all churches.

Everything else you said was an agree unless if i quote to some of the refereing though i can't see why this sentance is underlined and line highlated.

I would bet that you would win but i would win by that title. So i would win because that title was made to advantage me and challange you.

Did you know that or that was random.

"I'm attacking churches as structures and their uselessness"

Funniest phrase i've ever heared that i must point out.

I am hating this player for it's uselessness.

Oh sh*t. Just realized that churches gave pedophiles an advantage.

How do i rename my name.
Debate Round No. 3


They trust people so much that when they figure out their trust has been betrayed (acts of pedophilia) what they do is hide that person and his wrong deeds to trust him even more, oh they are such good people, good people or corrupted bastards, lets ask the molested children for their opinion.

So, the fact that they hide child molesters is an opinion, and not a fact. I guess molested children are just an idea, not a reality haha, it's like yo are trying to ignore that fact, you only talk about the priests and use the word molestation without mentioning the children. There are victims in this crime, which you are continuously ignoring in your texts.

You used your extreme, now let me use mine, your only donates 6 million? aww that's so cute
13 million dollars worth of home, who knows how many spent on everything else, yes, so much donations, so so so many.

Church is a structure designed to be a worshiping temple, it is still a structure, it can easily made into something else, it is not made out of holy elements, it's just concrete and iron. Also it's not that easy? Look at all the churches in america that are now skateboard parks, yes, it's that easy

They don't express their dominance? in my town, 100 k cortices max, here are 8 huge churches, at least 15 mini churches, they are empty all the time except Sunday and who knows how many chapels,when something only serves as a display and it's everywhere, it's a sign of dominance.

I almost convinced you ? aww, key word almost. This debate that we are having doesn't mean that whoever wins that this decision will be sent to some Cort to vote, it's an internet debate where we express our opinions and preset or sides of the debate. if this was real, my entire text would be full of 8k characters full of links pictures and more aggressive arguments that would attack mosques and Jewish temples as co-arguments


I ment that "they protect child molesters'" as opinion . I wasn't as in depth as you thought. NO NO! PLEASE SPARE ME!!!!
Debate Round No. 4


well, since this is my last argument, i will not type any long text except this:

Human emotion is a terrible and wonderful thing at the same time, it is never connected to logic, a critical thing that runs describes this world and the way that it functioned, humans get emotionally connected to any subject and it can get confusing. When you get emotionally connected to something, no amount of logic, reasonable thinking or evidence can make yo think otherwise because your emotions make you feel good on that subject.

In this case, the churches. We are emotionally connected to them, they size and majesty wow's us, their uniqueness attracts us and give us comfort, it is the house of god in which we are welcome, there is plenty to get connected to and that is why it becomes a problem. Church should be demolished, i have presented plenty of evidences and logical examples during this debate that prove that i make reasonable arguments, but no matter how much sense i make, it wouldn't matter to the emotional people because, yeah, it makes them mad that i would make such a statement because it makes them feel bad.

The terrible deeds that church has done during the history and we still worship it, why? emotional connection, because every person that critically thinks of it will realize that church is terrible, but they will never leave it, for reason they won't know why, i have talked to plenty of people not knowing the answer to a question .

Lets leave the emotional connection on stall until logical things that have to be done


Yeah i know that. I've done dat with a piece of stick, a leaf, pencil and things.

It might help if you don't try to get too attatched to things.
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Debate Round No. 5
3 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Posted by FluffyCactus 6 years ago
This is a trash debate. Neither of you understand the content. You both make fallacious unwarranted claims. Con needs to work on grammar. Pro needs to learn how to frame a proper debate. This isn't even worth a decent response.
You didn't clarify what you meant by "Church", "all", or "demolished".
It seems like you are referring to specifically the Catholic churches. This is a ludicrous claim (that all Catholic churches ought to be demolished). For 2 reasons. 1) Many Cathedrals have some of the most beautiful architecture in all of Europe. 2) Your reason for them being undesirable is irrelevant, that is, 'many people see them and are reminded of Child molestation.' Sure, maybe this is the case, but plenty more people see them and reminisce upon a person (Jesus) whom they feel has saved their eternal soul, and whom has created the universe. They look at the church and see a rich and beautiful intellectual monastic history. They see the beauty of humanity and what it can accomplish. They see the dawn of hospitals, and support for the impoverished. They see a place of rest and clarity. A place where they can be present before people who believe like they do. For everyone who sees "child molesters" when they look at a Catholic church, there are many more who see something else. To claim otherwise is ignorant.
Posted by TheHappyMAn 6 years ago
Im gonna lose
Posted by TheHappyMAn 6 years ago
Don't even try. Your already dead.

That avatar skull shows that you were so angry that every part of your body except your skull somehow was demolished.
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