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Should all gadgets be banned in school, apart from during ICT lessons?

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Started: 4/28/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Round No. 1


THE ban on the use of mobile phones should not be lifted. This is because most of the students in the second cycle institution do not use technological gadgets especially mobile phones for the right purpose.

Some students use the phone at the time they should be studying instead and that can affect their performances at school. It will be better, if these students are rather given exact to come home for the thing, they would need.

They can also wrote letter to their parents. They can also use the phones booths in their schools.

Students can be given specific days for each class to use the phone boot h so that they will also not abuse the right being given to them to use the phone booths and use the computer laboratory.


Thank you, PRO, for your response.

PRO states: "[The ban should not be lifted] because most of the students in the second cycle institution do not use technological gadgets especially mobile phones for the right purpose."

I wonder what the two-word phrase "right purpose" means. I also wonder when the students actually use their phones. Placing a ban on something to prevent abuse of that thing is an inneficient way of doing things. This removes those people who would responsibily use their devices. If the student has no work to do at the time, there is no rational reason to ban the use of their devices. "Right purpose" is entirely subjective, and does not justify the ban on gadgets. If these students have something they "should" be doing, then a simple "Please put away your phone." should suffice. To argue that students can misuse and abuse their privileges does not justify a ban preventing any use of those privileges. Overuse can be dealt with when it comes.

As an analogy, let us think about the case with cigarette smoking, as a general occurence. Let us take the whole of the United States as our location. Smoking a cigarette is not illegal, that is to say, is not banned. There are certain times and places wherein smoking is not allowed. This is analogous to some school systems, and how gadgets are only banned during tests, quizzes, and other major in-class assignments (at the lower-education level; it is different in college). Is smoking bad? Yes; this is analogous to the disruption caused by gadgets. However, should we place regulations on people, or allow them to be responsible for themselves? That is the question at the heart of all bans on actions and equipment. "If X is dangerous/bad/disruptive, X must be banned" is the logic used. However, when we take into account that, in general, people are willing to accomodate one another, such things as gadget bans become unnecessary. Say David is using his phone during class. If Mr. Jameson asks him to put his phone away, nicely, David is more likely than not to oblige. If Mr. Jameson demands that David put his phone away, David's reaction is likely to be different. I say this with extremely fallible inductive reasoning, however, I think there is enough reason to believe that there are more ways to attack the issue of in-class disruption than banning it.
Debate Round No. 2


ekissi forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfeited. My arguments stand.

My thanks to my opponent for this debate, and to the audience for reading and voting. Please vote CON.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Pfalcon1318 7 years ago
"Gadget" refers to a product. Products are necessarily physical objects. Whether that product has practical use would depend on the user. Unless, of course, you wish to argue there is no such thing as "reality", which is very much debatable. Many philosophers argue that nothing is real, and all things are perceptions. The only thing we can be sure exists is ourselves. The old "cogito ergo sum" from Descartes.
Posted by jo_shan 7 years ago
i dont like either ideas. gadgets are figments of our imagination. dont believe in apple and micrsoft. they dont exist
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