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Should all schools and colleges be free to attend?

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Started: 10/15/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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As you can see, I have stated my position in this argument as pro, which is to say that I do believe that all schooling, from Montessori to University should be free for everyone. I will now explain why I believe this.

To start off, I would like to say that I currently attend a non-fee paying secondary school in Ireland. My family could have afforded to send me to a private school, but my parents decided that my current school was competent. Although I do not find my school particularly satisfying, I stand strong in the belief that no one should have to pay to go to school, even in a rich country like my own where people can for the most part afford it.

Let's take the case study of Norway. In this country, all primary education is free, and of high quality. As a result, children from all backgrounds intermingle with each other. As a result, when children who came from wealthy backgrounds grow up, they are less reluctant to paying high taxes to fund a welfare state if they know their childhood friends will be benefiting from it. As a result, Norway has one of the lowest income inequality gaps in the world, a large welfare state and is one of the world's richest countries.

The US, in contrast, where the worse the rankings a school has, the less funding it receives (leading students into a vicious cycle of poverty) there exists a huge income inequality gap, a small welfare state and high unemployment.


school should not be free to attend. I do agree that the prices could be lower but that's not what we are debating about. schools offer a product and that product is education. schools have to pay for the teachers, books, property tax, staff, buses, and supplies. it's not reasonable that the government should pay for all of that, it would make countries go broke. there's also the people who spent their whole time in college since it free it would be free to live there and they get student pricing, they could even have a job on the side but with extra classes. that would put a huge drain on the economy. grade school is paid for by the government though since it isn't optional. college is though, I know people who come from families that aren't well off are at a disadvantage but it is still possible for them to go to college and get a better paying job.
it is a harsh reality but for some countries, it just is impossible for the government to pay for every school.
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I have presented already an example of a wealthy country, Norway, which does extremely well despite, or even because of its free education system. You claim it is "impossible" for the government to pay for all education, but this is the simple reality in many well to do countries. In Germany, one of the richest countries in Europe offers free college education to all students, national or international. Their belief is that this will benefit the economy overall because it attracts the best academic talents possible, without excellent candidates being held back by the barrier of lack of funds. In an economical sense, providing free education to all students even makes sense, because it gives all prospective students a chance, regardless of their background. Students across the world have been protesting against mounting tuition fees and rightly so. At a public demonstration against student fees, Beth Redmond, from the British National Campaign against fees and cuts explained her beliefs; "Education is a public good, it benefits everyone in society, and, therefore, I believe it should be paid for by those who are most able to. The state of your parent"s bank account should not hinder your access to education." This statement sums up my agrument
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Posted by MadCat741 2 years ago
Norway is a much smaller economy but has a very large natural resource reserve, so its not a good comparison. Also, American colleges are of much higher quality.
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