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Should an Independent Scotland remain outside of the EU ?

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Started: 2/16/2014 Category: Politics
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The BBC Reports that the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso says it would be "extremely difficult" for an independent Scotland to join the EU.

Should Scotland look at remaining outside of the EEC and not being confined by it's limitations on many of it's natural industries such as Fishing. The EEC's interference in Scotland's decision may backfire as many Scots realize that they have the opportunity via Independence to remove all of the limitations placed on it's industries and can take a similar position to that of Switzerland in it's immigration vote. Scotland would remove many restrictions that others in the UKIP etc. are demanding but may not get should the rest of the UK vote to remain in the EEC.

Scotland's other Natural resources such as Oil and Gas, Electricity generation from Hydropower, Wind and Sea will always be wanted by other countries along with fresh water and whiskey that can be supplied to countries outside of the EEC.

Scotland can and should explore Independence on it's terms and not allow the EEC to suggest they can not survive independent of England.


Alright, I will accept this debate. I will be arguing that Scotland should stay with the UK, under the condition that it will be given federal status.
Debate Round No. 1


Switzerland currently enjoys many benefits of the EEC , as do Sweden and a number of other countries bordering the EEC. An Independent Scotland outside of the EEC but accessing it's markets in a similar manner to those countries would then enjoy greater freedom over it's own destiny and also retain the ability to take actions to defend it's own currency through interest rate rises when required, i.e. it wouldn't be shackled to the Euro or the British Pound.

The Natural resources that Scotland has in the way of Oil and Gas along with excess Electricity generation through the Hydro power, wind and sea generation would also be a source of great wealth. Scotch Whiskey and fresh water are other commodities that are in great demand around the World.

Whilst some EEC Commissioners talk of Scotland not being allowed entry to the EEC Club, they seem to forget that other parts of Britain want out, and given the current debate on Europe interfering in internal country matters then the Commissioners stepping into the debate may actually aide the Scottish Independence cause as it is clearly a way for those who do not want to be part of the EEC and who would rather be free from it's interference to vote for separation from England as a sure way of ridding themselves of the European harness around their necks.

Those people who would vote for the UKIP in order to get out of the EEC would then be better voting for Independence in Scotland as the EEC Commissioner has made it clear that they will not find it easy to become members, and thus their quest to be out of the EEC will have been realized in a round about way as they are NOT guaranteed that outcome from the GB Referendum.

Voting for an Independent Scotland by all the UKIP supporters in Scotland would likely ensure that England will follow and enhance the likely outcome of the UK referendum in England, Wales and NI.

Whilst many SNP supporters would likely want to remain in the EEC they of course firstly want Independence. If they lose the Independence vote then they will remain in the UK to vote for the UK to remain in the EEC. They are therefore a threat to the UKIP vote to leave Europe and therefore it would be in the UKIP best interest to vote with the SNP for Scottish Independence, which will enhance their chances of winning the vote, where they can then form and agreement with the Scottish Parliament to form their own Economic Zone and negotiate their joint trading position with the EEC.

It is therefore in the interests of all for the Scottish Independence vote to be successful.


I will argue that Scotland should not be independent in the first place. I will also argue that Scotland should either become a federal state or autonomous.

The UK is a working system

Currently, the UK is a working democratic system, with a record of high human rights. Scottish, Welsh, and Irish states all have equal opportunity to participate in politics and are not discriminated against. As the old phrase goes " Better United then Divided". This applies to the UK's current situation. Most arguments for Scottish independence are due to the UK's lack of support for Scottish customs and cultures. I am of the opinion that like religion, culture is best not brought into politics.

Economic ties
Scotland and the rest of the UK are closely linked economically. Scotland relies heavily on the UK, and vice versa. Many Scottish companies are based in England. Breaking these strong links would be disastrous. Looking at these charts. The combined economy of Scotland and England makes the nation as a whole a lot stronger. Much of the reason Scotland's economy is so strong, is due to its unification with the rest of the UK. Scotland currently has a lot slower growth then the rest of the UK.

Argument for federal state
I am of the opinion that making Scotland a federal state would both solve cultural disputes and conman disagreements. Making the UK a federal entity would not only solve cultural issues, but would allow Scotland to rule what is best for their individual state, while also retaining the benefits of being united with the rest of Britain.
Debate Round No. 2


Pasty forfeited this round.


Oh well, no more debating new people for me.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Jifpop09 6 years ago
Wait.... I thought we were arguing independence. You can't debate to separate chronological resolutions. For one resolution to work, the other one has to. We can only debate independence.
Posted by Jifpop09 6 years ago
If UK accepted a federal system, then maybe Wales and Scotland would not always be trying to separate. They could of even of kept Ireland.
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