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Should anyone be allowed to purchase Vaporizers and or Vape Products?

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Started: 7/5/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Vaping, many parents new worry within their teenage child, although it's true I do occasionally take a hit, I do not own a vape for the reason being that I do not find it necessary in relation to the fact that everyone in my town owns one.
I will first be defining a vaporizer as a device that generates a substance in a vapor form. By using the word vaporizer I do hope that people can figure out that I am excluding e-cigarettes such as Blu or Halo because of the fact that these are not included as vaporizers but rather a whole different line of products despite popular label confusion based off of more common searches for a boost on the percentage that someone looking for an E-Cigarette will find your website or brand. As for vaporizers I would like to start off by speaking about nicotine.
Nicotine has a bad name because of its association with tobacco products such as cigars, smokeless tobacco like dip or chew and most feared cigarettes. What we seem to forget is the actual cause of cancer within these products. We have identified over twenty different cancer-causing or carcinogenic chemicals such as Arsenic, but the most common heard chemical within tobacco products is Nicotine, which despite popular belief does not cause cancer, which even a website designed to inform you of the problems caused by using tobacco products states that Nicotine does not cause cancer. So I often wonder, and in comparison am going to use Abortion to compare and simplify it. Abortion is a woman's decision, whereas vaping only allowed in most states to be purchased if you are over 18. But to the non-vapers or people who would never get an abortion, wouldn't it make sense to leave it up to the person who is deciding to vape or get an abortion to research and really look into it? Wouldn't it make sense to give that person a feeling of responsibility within their own decision making?


Firstly, thank you for opening this topic to debate.

I will be arguing against the statement: anyone should be allowed to purchase Vaporizers and or Vape products.

My definitions of the above terms shall follow my opponents.

While I agree that there is no serious health threat due to vape products, I would like to point out some other concerns I have with minors (people under age 18) using buying them:

1) Nicotine is known to be addictive
  • This may lead to repetitive purchasing of products containing nicotine, and since most minors are financially dependent on others, may unneccesarily financially burden their parents/guardians/caretakers
2) Vaporizers may pose a nuisance to others if not used responsibly
  • The vapor tends to be scented, and this may be annoying to people around someone vaping if they do not blow out the vapor away from others (minors tend to be less aware of how their decisions fully affect those around them depending on their maturity)
  • People with asthma may feel affected by this, as some times the presence of vapor creates a reaction
3) I believe this could cause vape products to have increased presence in areas such as schools, which would ultimately burden them to enforce stricter monitoring of the use of the products on school campuses
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