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Should backpacks be allowed in school

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Started: 4/7/2017 Category: Education
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backpacks should not be banned from school because of these three topics 1. time management: when you are carrying all of your important papers in one binder you could lose the binder, drop your binder { and then your papers would be destroyed because everyone would step on them and tear them into small pieces } 2 organization: with a binder you have a very limited storage space and when you need to turn your papers in you could have misplaced them and that equals decreasing grades. 3. health / physical disabilities: when you are in a sport of any physical level you always have a chance to break a bone and when you are in school with a broken arm or leg maybe even both, you need to carry your belongings and when you need to operate your wheelchair or crutches you always use both arms or legs so where do you put your stuff... on top of your head? no, you need a backpack. we shouldn't be failing because of their rule so give our backpack back. And yes backpacks do pose threats but very small threats and those can be controlled just by raising the security level, problem solved


I just like to say that I didn't see that you we're for backpacks being allowed. I apologize for that. However, I think I can say some stuff on this topic. (First topic) You talk about a con of carrying a binder instead of a backpack, despite the topic being called "time management". The example/scenario you brought up is more of "what happens when you have an unorganized backpack" rather than "time management". "Time management" would fit with (say) having too many papers and books to keep up with. With backpacks, the organization would be worse because that's the thing you're carrying your stuff in. This includes books, papers, notebooks, writing utensils, etc. If the student can't fit all of that in a binder or two, that is their problem. (Second topic) Simple solution: multiple binders. (Third topic) Just because a person has a broken bone, that doesn't excuse their performance in school, and their responsibilities in school. However, I can agree with you on those with a broken bone need backpacks to carry their belongings, but wouldn't a regular bag do the same thing. Finally, you make it sound like someone can snap their fingers and whatever they want appears. Saying "raise the security level" is easier said than done.

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