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Should candy be sold in school vending machines?

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Started: 10/20/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think that it is really up to the students how they want to eat and so the schools shouldn't take away all the candy from the vending machines.


The question here is not if a child is allowed to eat candy, it is if the school has to provide that benefit.

Contention 1: Health
As the primary responsibility of the school should be the well being of it's students, the health risks of candy jeopardize that standard.

About 40% of all sugar we consume is converted into fat and stored, a natural result of eating candy on a regular basis is weight gain. Considering the space inside a vending machine, larger pieces of candy would be dispensed. Conisdering a king-size Snickers bar has 54 g of sugar and 510 calories that is not good for the body.

Candy, high in calories and fat, also lack nutrients. Candy contains no vitamins and very small amount of minerals, which means you are satisfying hunger but doing nothing to fulfill your nutrient intake requirements. In fact, you may actually be losing nutrients, as calcium and others are used to digest the sugar.

Candy also plays a part in tooth decay, the bacteria that causes cavities feeds on sugar. Candy is rich in sugar, and that will allow the bacterium to spread quickly.

Contention 2: Convenience
In my previous contention I highlighted the negatives of candy, of course some candy now and then will not hurt anyone. Making candy accessible to everyone in a school would result in more candy being consumed by the students. Convenience is directly related sale.

The introduction of candy into vending machines would result in much more money spent there, where it could be spent elsewhere. It makes sense that children have less self control than adults, and would not be control themselves from buying candy. I am not implying that children would spend thousands of dollars, but the money and health risks will accumulate.

Contention 3: Branding
The introduction of candy would also result in the introduction of candy brands into schools. Jennifer Harris at Yale University examined the impact of branding on adult and child food choices, they found both groups ate more food when they were exposed to advertising. Children in particular consumed 45% more food.

Parent's control of what their children should watch, and the brand they should be exposed too are effected by branding. Children tend to link a positive feeling too brands being advertised, being candy brands, this should not be the case.

Of course children should be exposed to the outside world, and the corporate world is part of this exposure. But marketing is all about trust and the promise of a better life, that is not the case in candy brands.

On the health risks of candy:
On the link between convenience and sale:
On corporate branding:
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Posted by yanagurl136 2 years ago
Haha. Its just for me I like having time to research otherwise they suck and I lose.
Posted by EXOPrimal 2 years ago
lol I understand, I usually type up my debates in my computer science class.
Posted by EXOPrimal 2 years ago
lol I understand, I usually type up my debates in my computer science class.
Posted by yanagurl136 2 years ago
Sorry. I'm busy. :( Not that I don't care, just supppper busy.
Posted by EXOPrimal 2 years ago
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