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Should cell phones be allowed at schools?

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Started: 2/26/2018 Category: Society
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I think that students should be allowed to bring their cell phones to school. Nevertheless, it has to be controlled that they use the phones when necessary: for chatting with their parents or friends during the break time, for finding any piece of information and for using any e-materials that are needed for the lessons. There are a lot of schools around the world that prohibit the usage of phones, and students are penalized in case if they bring their cell phones there. Personally, I am against of such a school rule and think that school administrations should eliminate it.


While I do agree with you that it be used when necessary, most students don"t use it when necessary. I currently go to a school where cell phones are banned, and you can only use it while you are at your locker. That its self is a good rule. At my old school however, cell phones are allowed to be carried and used at all times. Whenever I get back, I see hundreds of photos and videos posted over social media of each person at school. I believe in this case, they have way too much freedom, to the point where they are using it while the teacher is up teaching the class. Cell phones cause distractions, as well as making people want to leave the class, just so they can take a picture together in the bathroom.
I know some schools are not as lucky, but our school gives each kid their own iPad, so we have some sort of electronic to use for school work. Yes, there are games, social media, taking photos and videos, that are are blocked, but we have several resources on it that help us get the work done.

Overall, cell phones deter students from the lessons and cause a distraction towards others. Stricter rules should be set in place to help stop students from using it recklessly.
Debate Round No. 1


In case if students use cell phones when it is not necessary, the school administration and the teachers should control the behavior and the actions of students during the lesson and if the situation gets worse, the teachers should have all the rights to take cell phones and give them back to the owners after the lesson; a lot of ways of setting rules must be considered. The children and the teenagers must be allowed to bring cell phones to school. Let"s imagine, the school prohibits the usage of phones and nobody brings it. A student comes back home when it`s too late, and he didn`t inform his/her parents about being late. The family is anxious, they don`t know where their child is or whether or not (s) he has any problems. Such situations are not neglected in a student`s life and may occur at any time, when there is a plenty of work at school, desire to hang out with your classmates etc. Thus, I suggest the schools to allow all the students to bring their phones there.


Your last line in the second round, "Thus, I suggest the schools to allow all the students to bring their phones there," I do agree with. Students should be allowed to bring their phones to school, but they can only use them at their lockers. So for example, if there are plans set up during school, the student can send a text to their parents between classes. The phones should not be on their person, just because it could tempt them to take it out during a class. The phones should be kept in the lockers, and taken out and used only around their locker, and only to send/receive texts.
There should not be any reason students should have their phones out during a class. You could make the argument that they should have it for both lunch and any free periods they have. While I am okay with that, it could prevent students from doing any class work they should be working on. The phones during lunch could also deter students from having a conversation and interacting with each other, or at the very least prevent them from eating a full lunch.
Unless a student uses a phone for texting or receiving texts from their parents or guardians, that phone is a distraction for them, and prevents them from doing things like working on their academics or socializing.
Debate Round No. 2


As long as students know how to work and make use of their phones, there will be no problems at schools. The school where I am studying at doesn't allow us to bring phones at all. If we do it, the school administration will take the phones from us and give them back only at the end of an academic year. Nevertheless, some of the students use their phones, if they need to text or call anybody, hiding it from the principal or the deputies of principals. It means that students break the school rule, when there is an acute necessity to share any information. What is more, there are some teachers in our school who let the students use the cell phones. They do it when no laptops are given to them for their lessons. By the way, we use laptops in order to write any research papers during the lessons, to play a game called "Kahoot" to see whether or not we comprehended a new unit and to find extra information during an individual work. But in case if there are not enough laptops, the teachers are obliged to ask us to use the phones. So, my point is that students should be allowed to use the phones after the lessons or during the breaks to call or text when needed and during the lessons if a teacher lets so; the school administration must not set the rule that totally prohibits the usage of phone
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
"Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy (radio waves), a form of non-ionizing radiation, from their antennas. Tissues nearest to the antenna can absorb this energy."

This doesn't sound good. Hmmm. I though it was safe. Oh wait there more!!!

"Magnetic fields are the component of non-ionizing EMFs that are usually studied in relation to their possible health effects.) Most of the research has focused on leukemia and brain tumors, the two most common cancers in children."

Cell phones are dangerous to have if you are a child or a young teen. So no it not good for them. Unless you want brain cancer.
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