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Should cell phones be completely banned from elementry schools and high schools?

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Started: 2/25/2014 Category: Technology
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Cell phones should be banned from the places of education listed above. Cell phones are a major distraction in environments where education is necessary. They cause students to lose focus when receiving text messages as well as the classmates nearby.


I gladly accept this debate and would like to start off with a few arguments.
Although I agree with your idea about cell phones being a distraction I believe that they can be more resourceful and I will list some advantages that i believe outweigh the disadvantages.An example of this would be for the majority of people getting a lift to/from school they usually need to get in contact with the person giving them that lift and in some instances the person and is also generally useful if you want to call someone. Also in my case phones weren't a big distractions for me in school.
Debate Round No. 1


First I would like to thank zidzad1 for accepting this debate.

My opponent says that cell phones are convenient in the case that a student needs a ride from school. I want to point out that schools always have office phones for this reason. When a student misses the bus or needs to call a parent to go home early, they can simply walk to the front office and (by law) the office must allow the student to call their parents if their is a cell phone policy in place.
Zidzad1 also brought up the point that a student would need a cell phone if they needed to call someone. Aside from the point I have already made (the office phone), students should not need to make calls during school hours for any reason. We are in school to gain an education, not to have phone conversations.
Finally, I will address my opponent's last supporting statement: "Also in my case phones weren't a big distractions for me in school". If all students were this way, we would not be having this argument right now. The fact of the matter is: some students CANNOT or DO NOT try to control themselves when they have an unread text message on their phone in their pocket. This problem would be solved if we only gave responsible students cell phone privileges in class and didn't give the same privileges to those that couldn't handle the responsibility. However we cannot do that. We have to practice equality in our school systems. Therefore, cell phones need to be banned from our classrooms. Period.


Ok let me go over some points you made in your last argument,
Although i agree with what you said about the home phone i believe mobile phones much more efficient and convenient especially if you want to get in contact with someone other than your parents which u don't know their number off by heart.
Also regarding what you said at the end about equality and taking peoples phone that use it in classroom is not an act of equality, of course it is the term equality means all people treated by the content of their character and actions, also I realized you said cell phones should be banned from classroom when the question is : Should cell phones be completely banned from elementry schools and high schools?
although I agree with this question to a certain extent, I think it is ridiculous to ban phones COMPLETELY.
So what I do agree on is more control over phone usage eg: turning it off at start of lessons,no texting, etc.
So i think phone control yes,prohibition NO.
Debate Round No. 2


I don't think i was clear. I apologize. I will probably be using the term classroom interchangeably with high school and elementary school, for the sake of saving space.

With the office phone vs. cell phone argument: yes, cell phones would be more convenient. HOWEVER, it is not a matter of what is convenient. It's more a matter of what is necessary. Any cell phone use on school grounds is completely necessary.

Next: the definition of equality is: the quality or state of being equal : the quality or state of having the same rights, social status, etc.


If we took only certain students their cell phones on the school campus, this would be giving only certain students the right to have their cell phone with them on the campus. This would not follow the definition of equality.

For our final round, I want to present my closing argument.

Having cell phones on a school campus is extremely dangerous. Before you laugh.. just think about this. How did you feel when you heard for the first time what had happened at Columbine High School? Were you shocked? Horrified? Sickened? What if i told you that cell phones participated in the events that shocked the nation in the Columbine Shooting?

12 students, a teacher and the two killers were dead with 20 more students were seriously injured, some paralyzed. These numbers could have bee cut in half without the help of cell phones. When the two shooters entered the school, students immediately pulled out their cellphones in an attempt to let their parents know about the situation. What would you do if this was your child? Naturally, your going to haul a$$ over to the school to make sure your student is okay. This brings families into the scene. Several students called into news stations to give information. Others tried to communicate with their classmates. This was dangerous not only because it posed the threat of allowing the shooters to track the students by the sound of un-silenced ringtones, but it created a dramatic source of paranoia. The rumors spread and changed. Students were petrified with fear. This paranoia and fear led an entire class of students to try to escape the school. The escape was their last and their lives were cut short.

How could we possibly give the opportunity for this to happen again. Schools should have zero tolerance for cell phones on campus.


First off i would just like to thank my opponent for maintaining a healthy debate throughout.
Now lets begin by reviewing some of the points you made,
first you talk about equality and you define it to be the quality or state of being equal : the quality or state of having the same rights, social status, etc.
which i'm not going to question or ridicule HOWEVER what i do have a problem with is the difference between EQUALITY and JUSTICE. The point i'm trying to make here is that you have brought up equality which has absolutely nothing to do with justice for the students using mobile phones being banned.
This picture my explain what i'm trying to get to you :

Now to your argument about mobile phones being dangerous.
First of all lets look at the situation, those kids were broke into by 2 criminals attempting to terrorize the school, now you say they suffered death due to their mobile phones when in fact it's the students/teachers bad planning and quick decisions that caused this however i'm not saying that its their fault I probably couldn't have done better in a scenario like that, the point is you are blaming a mobile phone on the death 20 students and 12 teachers even though its their decisions that unfortunately killed them.

I'd like to finish by once again thanking my opponent and asking him to think about one thing. Do you think its fair that people who use mobile phones for good purposes should be prohibited because of the actions of the foolish minority who choose to abuse this privilege? thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by zidzad1 6 years ago
Posted by Mistress 6 years ago
SAM! You are not helping my argument. shew!
Posted by DeletedUser 6 years ago
Elementary is spelled wrong in the debate title.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con showed that banning usage during class was sufficient to achieve Pros goals and that a complete ban was not necessary. Pro agreed and tried to reframe the debate. Points to Con.

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