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Should cell phones be used in classroom?

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Started: 4/5/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Most esteemed president and learned panel of judges and the audience take my greetings the topic of my today"s debate is should cell phone support be used in classroom?With extremely valid reasons I have take my position against it cell phones shouldn"t be used in classes beacause through cell phone the student won"t pay attention to the teachers teaching many of u may say why a student will play games or anything in front of teacher?They won"t but they will go to the washroom and there they can pass there huge time using phone and the Defense may say that it will help the teachers but the teacher will spend a time which will distract himself from the teaching and concertation may be losed and he might got confuse so cell phones shouldn"t be used in classroom.


I will be holding the claim that cell phones should be integrated into classrooms. First I will build my own case then I will attack my opponents.

Contention one, smart device interactivity can facilitate learning. (1) For the past 5 years, the 22-year teaching veteran Ken Halla has worked to transition his ninth-grade World History and AP Government classrooms into a mobile device-friendly environment where students can incorporate the latest technology into the learning process. Along the way, he realized that Not only does it help students better organize their assignments, but it's also effective in causing students t do their homework. the Remind101 app has been used by halla to engage the parents of his students. In response to the increased homework levels, he says "I was stunned by how many more kids started doing the homework," he says. "I just thought they didn"t want to do the work, but it was more that they were unorganized and had forgotten to do it."

Smart devices also allow teachers to quickly and efficiently interact with their student's and test their knowledge at any time of the day. Halla recommends the app Polleverywhere which allows teachers to text out a question typically in A, B, C, D, or E format. the student's then text in their answers and the information is compiled and shared with the teacher. This would allow teachers a much-needed insight into the learning curve of their students. This allows for a more personalized approach to education and as a result, higher test scores.

furthermore, many classrooms that shun technology in the classroom make the error of assuming that fun has to come at the cost of productivity. It is, however, possible to allow fun to foster productivity. For example, teachers have noted that when you allow students to listen to music while they work, the noise level goes down and productivity goes up.

I will close my first contention with one last quote from Dr.Halla "I"ve always been that type of person who likes to adapt and change as time goes on, Otherwise, I wouldn"t still be teaching this many years down the road."

source for contention one: (the National Education Association)

Now to refute my opponent's case

My opponent's argument hinges on the fact that children will not pay attention to the teacher if they are allowed to use their cell phones. However, he admits that the only way children will be able to do this is if they go to the washroom and play games there. However, This argument only stands if we ignore the fact that A. Most teachers won't allow multiple students to go at once, and two, if you spend an inordinate amount of time outside of the classroom you will be called truant. Overall anyone who attempted to waste time in the manner you suggest would be shut down rather quickly.

My opponent's second argument is that if cell phones are allowed in the classroom, then the teacher will waste time. He, however, does not give any evidence for his claim that teachers would repudiate their actual jobs in favor of being on their phones, thus this argument falls.
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