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Should children be home schooled instead of going to public school?

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Started: 4/19/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that children should be home schooled instead of going to public school because I feel that public school doesn't teach all of the basic life skills that are needed to thrive in the world. Home schooling I believe is unbiased and anything can be taught to the children by the home schooling instructor, including academics, life skills, and skills for worst-case scenarios. Public schooling I believe is biased because it mainly only focuses on academics, and it skips over basic life whatsoever. According to the Huffington Post, public schools have multiple flaws in their system. First, the class sizes are almost always too large, which makes it difficult for some students who have trouble learning to individually get help from the instructor. Class sizes average 1 teacher to 20 students, according to the Huffington Post. Gifted kids are also neglected, while kids who are having trouble are being left behind more and more. The Huffington Post points out these faults of public schooling so parents can consider them when they have children who have trouble learning. For these reasons, I believe that home schooling is better than public schooling.


I think kids should go to a public school because it can teach you all of the requirements you need to know.
2 If all kids have to be home schooled that could be bad because not all parents passed high school so they could not teach there kids all they need to know.
3 How would they do there gym ,team leadership or better yet take a different language.
4 I like how you said that it is hard to learn with 20 kids in the class and I agree it can e challenging to learn with 20 people in the class room because there could be kids messing around . When you have trouble keeping up the teachers to not just leave them they help them by doing one on one with them. But the student who is having trouble keeping will have to ask for help. Let not forget the teacher has 200 kids to teach so if the student does not speak up his is going the think he is all set.

see you on the next round.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by sahunt1 3 years ago
In the initial debate, the point was made the public schools don't teach basic life skills. I would argue that by their very structure, they teach basic life skills on a daily basis. Public (and private) schools allow kids to experience things like working in groups, dealing with people that they may not like (classmates = coworkers), dealing with a superior that they may not like (teacher = boss), learning responsibility, time management, and many more. If a student struggles with one of these aspects, they will not be fired, making school a safe space to learn and practice these life skills.

As mentioned in the other comment, there is also the issue of the education level of the parent when teaching their kids. At younger ages this is not nearly as big of an issue, but as students progress to higher level material in subjects, their parents will have increasing difficulty teaching the material to their children. I have a college degree and have been a high school teacher for years, but would in no way be able to teach math at any level above middle school. To get around this problem, students will either have to go without proper instruction, or join a homeschool group that does classes on higher level subjects. If you are going to send your kids to a class anyway, they might as well get the rest of the benefits that come with general schooling as well.
Posted by Vvanadium 3 years ago
The problem with homeschooling is that parents are not qualified teachers and tend to constrict children's minds to their beliefs, not allowing to figure things for themselves. I know a pair of homeschooled children, they are very much like this, plus they only have school for about two hours a day.
Posted by Deondrase 3 years ago
i did not mean to put see you on the next round sorry about that
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Reasons for voting decision: I almost wanted to give Con the point for reliable sourced even though he didn't use any. Did Pro seriously cite The Huffington Post as a source for a debate? Why not just cite your grandmother's cooking blog?

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