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Should children have cellphones?

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Started: 5/10/2014 Category: Technology
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Give your child of 12 (or younger) years old $600 and say "be careful with this and only use it for emergencies". The thought of doing this sounds crazy right? It is not very far off from the idea that many parents are deciding that there is no age limit when it comes to giving their child Iphones. We hardly trust our children to remember to flush the toilet after they"ve used it, yet we throw expensive high tech gadgets at them, and for what? Is it really for their benefit or just a growing social pressure that more parents are giving in to because all the other parents are doing it?

Child obesity has become a source of major alarm as of lately. It has "more than doubled in the past 30 years. The percentage of children ages 6-11 years in the United States has increased from 7% in 1980 to 18% in 2012" (CDC 2014). It is interesting that the first cell phone also came out around the same time obesity began to increase. It would be foolish to not look into this more and study correlation. Our Children are spending more time dormant and attached to their phones and living a virtual life that they don"t realize that their own life is passing them by and the consequences that could have.

I was a freshman in high school when i got my first phone so by then I had shown enough responsibility to have one, was old enough where I was out without adult supervision so that id need one, and had the knowledge of sentence structure to even produce texts in the first place (a note for those whose children that can barely spell/read and have iphones)

One main argument from parents is what is there is an emergency? How will they get in touch with me? A child of that age should always be with an adult/supervisor and if there is an emergency that adult"s phone can be used. Of course when I say kids im speaking of those precious years before they slip into teendom and become nightmares.

We give children our adult toys because in todayis world, the gap between adolescence and adulthood is getting smaller and smaller. Just like when we have the talk about what's for adults only such as liquor and your prescription pills and important papers from work they cant draw on, tell them the same about cell phones. Explain that when they are old enough and big boys/girls like mommy and daddy are and are responsible enough to have them then you will reward them with one and not because all the other stepford mommies are doing it. It shouldn"t be an automatic given right as a child to own a cell phone; it should be a cherished privilege.
Responsibility is a good thing but it has its limits, too much can be a burden not a privilege.

Kids are meant to be sheltered and protected, by forcing them into adulthood we make them susceptible to the real world and all the evils that come with. Pedophiles and predators now have easier access to your children now that your children have full access to the outside world.

Allow your children to enjoy their youth and be child-like in all that they do instead of rushing and turning them into mini versions of ourselves. Are you going to add on a gym membership and Starbucks card to go along with their brand new Iphone? Start asking them advice on what to do with the mortgage payments? You know better than your child does on what it is they need to be great people, not tech savvy but genuinely great people. if they want a phone and you"re against it until they are old enough and have shown responsibility then so what if they throw a fit. When they are older they will look at you, as I do my own mother, with appreciation and look back those memories of being an actual kid playing like actual kids are meant to play and feel bliss. There is such beauty in simplicity once it is embraced and youth passes by far too quickly on its own already without the extra assistance from a cell phone.


Hi I will accept your debate and address each of your points in order.

1) Not all cell phones are expensive. For example here is a cell phone that is only $25.00 (link is below)[1].

2) Do you have evidence to support a correlation between obesity and cell phones being available for children? There are too many extraneous variables for you to come to this conclusion logically.

3) Now this gist I get from this argument is that kids are not responsible enough to use a cell phone on their own. However there are cell phones that have the ability to only call four different numbers and 911[2] (link below).

4) I must disagree with a child always being with a parent. When I was nine or ten I use to walk home from school when it was nice.

To conclude I do not see an issue with children having cell phones.

Debate Round No. 1


1). alright would you give your 9 year old even $25 dollars and really expect them to keep it? not lose it? the iphone was just an example because in reality, apple is the major comanpy and the children i see having phones dont have those old people jitter bug phones you are referring to.

3) i said i found it interesting and that there should be a look into the study of the two & see if there was correlation between the two not that its already known.

2) yes, there are however again if you refer back to my argument of feeling kids shouldnt be alone in the first place and could use another's phone. & how many friends does a child really have? they probably dont know 4 numbers to even put in the phone other than the parents and 911, which again returns to my point before.

3). thats another debate on how young a child should be allowed to walk to school however, even if that is the case during that BREIF walk home (since im sure parents wouldnt allow a child to be alone for long amounts of time) did you ever feel the need to have a phone? would having one had really made a difference for those minutes until you made it back to your parents? to put it bluntly i dont think kids with cell phones are any less susceptible to getting kidnapped during that walk than those without.

basically, children dont need a phone and can wait until becoming teenagers to have one.


1) Yes because that $25 gives me the peace of mind that no matter where I am or where s/he is I can get a hold of them and s/he can get a hold of me or emergency services.

2) I do not understand why you would bring it up unless you are trying to correlate children having cell phones and obesity.

3) It’s not a debate. It happens. Like I said I walked home from middle school. I would play outside with friends and wonder around in the “woods.” No, I didn’t feel a need to have one because they were not as widely used as they are now. It’s not just about being able to call the police if they are kidnapped. What if my child has a severe allergic reaction to bee stings and got stung? Should they not be able to have a way to call for help? What if my child wants to go to a friend’s house would it not be nice if they can call me and ask instead of walking all the way home or just going?

It’s not always about needs. Sometimes it’s what provides comfort and makes our lives easier.

Debate Round No. 2


1) where exactly are you allowing your child to go that he/she couldnt get ahold of you and you not get ahold of them? again, goes back to supervising your child. at school your child has a way to contact others/you. with you that dont need to contact you but could still contact other through you. at a friends house the same goes for the parents over there. outside playing they shouldnt be far enough that they arent being supervised,theyre children.

2) i mentioned the obesity thing because children are less active and i feel alot of it is to blame on technology. to busy sitting on a couch playing games on their phones, or watching tv, or on the internet. it was more of a ploy to get yet thinking about how they could be related and your willingness to allow phones for children could be contributing to this. even without studies its common sense kids are sitting around technolgical gagets and getting fat. come on

3) you think your cell phone would have had reception in the "woods" as a kid? ha playing outside im assuming again you werent far from your home if you needed help. okay so your child having a allergic reaction, they call, but cant speak due to their airways swelling up, how can a phone help then? its not like the movies where if you make a call they can pinpoint your exact location. honestly, the fact that you even played outside as a kid is my point. i dont belive you would have as much as you did if techonology was like it is today. those memories you had playing as a kid are what bring joy to your heart i bet because when i look back on mine i feel the same. i just want every child to look back and have the similar simplic view of youth as we did. technology has nearly put out desire that children use to have to be outside, they hardly play anymore cause they are attached at the hip to things like cellphones.

it sounds to me like youre more worried about YOU and your needs and less about how them having acess to all this technology is affecting THEM. yes it is"easier" to get ahold of them and it gives you a false sense of peace of mind but what effects it will end up actually having on them. something to think about.


1) No where if they have a cell phone. But like I said I walked home when I was 9-10 years old. If my child is walking home I would like them to have a phone. Also like I stated at some point when I was that old I was outside a lot playing with friends and my parents were not right there with me every step I took.

2) This is a parenting issue not a cell phone issue and not relevant to this debate unless you can provide evidence to how obesity is correlated to cell phones.

3) Actually yes. The reason I put wood in quotes is because it really wasn’t a forest or anything. It was an achier or so of trees. Now that I am older I often go for walks in the same “woods” I played in as a child and I get reception there. As for an allergic reaction they can still speak immediately after they are stung complete airway obstruction does not take place until a few minutes after the insulting stimuli is introduced in the body[1]. Also yes they can pin point your location pretty easy. Have you ever noticed your iPhone seems to always know where you are?

It’s a combination of the child’s needs and the parent’s needs. If the child has a cell phone that can only call four or five numbers how distracting can that be?

[1] Seeley’s Principles of Anatomy and Physiology by Philip Tate (book).

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by youtheotube 7 years ago
I get the feeling that the guy against cell phones would be the authoritarian parent. The dictator. Not giving their kids an ounce of freedom and independence. By the time you're 10-11 you should be able to go off by yourself for an hour or two and be fine. When I was that young I was biking to the store miles away and walking far away from home in a backwoods forest. I wasnt kidnapped or raped and I think I became a better person because of that level of personal independence my parents gave me. I got my first phone when I was in 5th grade, and I was probably 10. To this day, i've never had an iPhone or any phone worth more than $50 and i've never felt a need or desire to have an expensive phone.
Posted by Teemo 7 years ago
"We give children our adult toys " XD LOL
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct is a tie because I didn't really notice any insults, etc. Grammar definitely goes to Pro because of all the sentences Con started without capitalization. Pro made the better arguments because even though I agree with Con, they never proved their point. Pro at least refuted Con's earlier argument, as well as showed that there really isn't a problem with them owning a cell phone. Con could not show that there was a correlation to his statements. Basically, Con stated a lot of things but didn?t prove any of them, which Pro pointed out. Even though I don?t think kids should own cell phones, Pro wins this debate.

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